This inexpensive yet extremely elegant necklace is made by baking and internally cracking ordinary marbles. Make up a few as gifts or for your next hot seller at a craft fair. Either way you will receive rave reviews and plenty of wonderful compliments.

Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:

Pie Pan
1 Bag Of Marbles (Purchase Here)
Bowl Of Ice Water
Jewelry Bell Caps (Purchase Here)
E6000 Glue (Purchase Here)
Jewelry Jump Rings (Purchase Here)
Necklace (Purchase Here)
2 Pairs Of Needle Nose Pliers (Purchase Here)

1.) When you purchase your marbles, purchase can any regular, one color, or cat eye marbles. If you use a two tone color marble the marbles will not get a crackling appearance, instead they will just crack in half. You may also use flat back marbles

2.) In a medium size, metal bowl place 3 cups water and five ice cubes. For each batch of marbles that you fry be sure to replace the ice cubes. The marbles need to go from a fire, hot oven right into freezing, cold water in order to create the crackling affect.

3.) Place marbles in a metal pie pan and place them in a 500 degree oven for 20 minutes to heat them thoroughly. There might be a few that will crack in half while you are heating them up. This is O.K. and perfectly normal.

4.) Remove the marbles from the oven after 20 minutes. Pour them directly from the pie pan into the ice cold water. Let them cool for about a minute. When you remove the marbles from the water you may find some have broken, if they do just throw them out. It’s the marbles that are in intact but have a crackling effect inside and out that you are going to use for the next step.

5.) Use E6000 glue to glue the bail onto the marble.  Let the bail completely dry before adding the jump ring.

6.) Place the jump ring in your left hand pliers, holding the rings left side with the split side up. Take your pliers in your right hand and gently grasp the right hand side of the jump ring and push backwards to open it.

Remainder of instructions below.

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Shattered Marble

7.) Slip the bell cap hole in the split ring. Place the necklace inside of the opened split ring to. Be careful that the necklace does not go into the bell cap hole, just the split ring should be in the bell cap. Then use both sets of pliers, one on the right hand side of split and one on left hand of split to gently rock the ring back and forth, moving it closer to closing the split ring gap.

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