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How To Make Jello Shots or Shooters In Syringes


How to make jello shots or shooters in syringes. Jello shots or Jello shooters as they are also called are all the rage.

There are many recipes with various types of liquor and flavored Jello combinations. I will give you several to try out.


Jello Shots or Shooters In Syringes

This article gives step by step instructions on how to make a great variation of the traditional shot, replacing it with a REAL shot.


1 Regular Package of Jello (See flavors below)
Boiling Water
Cold Water
10 Ounce Liquor (Again see ideas below)
Large Mixing Bowl
Wooden Spoon

What Kind of Syringes Are Needed?

Pickup a box of 30cc syringes. The syringes I am referring to are the typical syringes found in the healthcare industry.  They are clean, sterile and do NOT have needles in them.

You can then suck up the Jello mixture into the syringe and your guests can simply administer them in their mouth. After use, you can clean them out and re-sterilize them for additional uses.

Where to Get Them?

Purchase them here: Syringe 30cc Luer Lock Tip Sterile (Pack of 10)

Want to place them in the regular cups instead of syringes? You can place the shots in here, 160 – 1 ounce Jello Shot – Souffle Cups with Lids.

Jello Shot Combinations:

Watermelon Jello and Malibu
Watermelon Jello and Sour Apple Schnapps
Strawberry Jello and Strawberry Schnapps
Strawberry Jello and 99 Bananas
Orange Jello and Orange Vodka
Cherry Jello and FireBall
Cherry Jello and Amaretto Amaretto

Cherry and Peach Schnapps
Lime Jello and Tequila
Berry Blue Jello and Island Blue Pucker
Berry Blue Jello and Blue Curacao
Pineapple and Malibu


Look over the combination of liquor and Jello combinations. After choosing the liquor of your choice put the entire bottle into your freezer about a half an hour to an hour before you want to make the shots.


1.) When you are ready to make the shots place your selected Jello flavor into a large mixing bowl. Follow the directions on the Jello box when adding HOT water. Mix.

2.)  Set the bowl aside to cool for 2 minutes. DO NOT ADD COLD WATER YET.

3.)  Add 6 oz cold water and 10 oz your choice of liquor to the hot mixture and stir.

4.) Fill the syringes by pulling the stopper up on the syringe to suck up the mixture.

5.) Place them in the refrigerator to firm up for at least 3 hours.

To Serve:

Serve the Jello shots or shooters in syringes by placing the shot in front of open mouth and pushing on the plunger to administer your shot.

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