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Growing Basil From Cuttings

Growing basil from cuttings

Growing Basil Cuttings

Winter is coming. Growing basil cuttings from your outdoor plants will make sure you have fresh basil to use indoors throughout the season.

If the weather’s turning cooler, now is time to take cuttings of your basil plants.

Maybe you don’t have outdoor plants. Perfect, start some.  The next time you visit the local farmers or your grocery store, try your hand at water rooting some organic, fresh basil


Take Cutting of your basil plant to grow more basil

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Choose Your Basil

1.) Pick basil that is firm, fresh and bright green.

Prepare Your Basil

1.) Using scissors; fresh cut the stem of the basil plant.
2.) Remove the bottom leaves only leaving the top ones.


Cutting from Basil Plant
Buy a high quality non-watermarked print of this photo.

Planting Your Basil

1.) Dip the fresh cut stem into a glass of fresh water.
2.) Dip the wet end of the cut stem into Rooting Hormone .
3.) Poke a deep hole into your potting soil with your finger.
4.) Insert stem and cover with soil.
5.) Water well.


Create a Greenhouse

1.) Insert the entire pot into a clear zip top bag, seal and place in sunny location.
2.) Vent the bag for a few hours every 3-4 days when you add water.
3.) Moisture will condensate in the bag. This is ok.
4.) Roots will start to grow by the second week. Remove the pot from bag and place in a sunny location.

Water Rooting

1.) Complete steps under “Chose and prepare your basil.”
2.) Place the cutting in a glass of water.
3.) Follow steps under “Create a greenhouse.”
4.) Plant when roots are at least 1″ long.


Grow additional basil plants by using cuttings
Buy a high quality non-watermarked print of this photo.

If you are like me and live in a location where you will be expecting frost in a few weeks it is good to take a cutting right now from your outdoor basil plants and start them. This will ensure you will have fresh basil during the winter.

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