Spa Sock Cupcakes

Make your own sweet treats that will be warmly received. Spa sock cupcakes make wonderful gifts. You can even make “baby” cupcakes using baby socks for shower gifts.

Spa Sock Cupcakes

Spa socks (Thick fuzzy socks)

Rubber band
Wilton Pink Petal Baking Cups
Ribbon To coordinate with your paper and sock color
Chapstick/lipgloss with red (cherry top)
Buttons, tags, sparkles or bling of your choice
Cellophane cupcake bags

1.) Remove all tags from socks. Lay the socks flat, one on top off the other.

2.) Beginning at the toe end roll the rocks up, keeping the non-heal edge even as you roll.

3.) Place rubberband on lower half of socks.

4.) Use fingers to pull edges of socks to look like swirls of frosting. Start by gently pulling up middle to make slight peak. Push roll of chapstick that has a red top in center of cupcake to become the cherry.

5.) Place sock cupcake on bottom of baking cups.

6.) Use coordinating ribbon and bow to adhere to wrapper. Embellish with buttons, stamped tags and bow.

7.) For the finishing touch, place cupcake in cellophane and tie the top with ribbon.

The spa sock cupcake makes an exceptionally cute gift!


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