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Fall Guide to Winter

Fall Guide to Winter

This is the portion of the year I dislike the most. I try and find any reason I can not start my fall prep.  Which is why I have a fall guide to winter checklist. Something I can cross off in stages.

It’s not the cooler weather I detest, because I love to wear soft, fuzzy sweatshirts.  I enjoy football games, the beautiful tree colors and even the prep work that goes hand in hand with the fall weather.


For me. it’s knowing that old man winter is knocking on my garden door. Temps below 30 degrees and over four months bitter cold are close at hand. With plenty of back breaking snowstorms to dig out from under. Welcome to Wisconsin winters!

Fall Guide to Winter - Jobs that need to be completed before the snow flies.

October. This is the month I start winterizing my vegetable garden, flower bed and yard. Trying to be sure I get everything in before the snow flies.

Garden Basket Full of Tools

Below is a listing of tasks that will need to be completed before I can claim it has been another successful year.

Fall Guide to Winter Tasks

1.) Pull out all the remaining plants from my vegetable garden. Pull all the annuals, dividing perennials and cutting them back to 6-8 inches and collect any additional plants seeds. Pull all the weeds in both gardens. Add rich compost and turn the soil in the vegetable garden. Then apply pre-emergent herbicide to all flower gardens, vegetable gardens and over mulch of perennial gardens. Being careful to spread at root bases of plants that still have healthy green leaves.

2.) Remove all the soil from heavy clay pots and tip them over on the soil. This is so the soil and/or collected water does not freeze inside causing the pots to expand and contract, cracking my pots.

3.) Take in any plants indoors you wish to keep before the frost. Take plant cuttings to start propagating next year’s annuals.

Raking Winter Leaves
4.) Rake up and compost leaves. Cage trunk of trees if you have critter problems.

5.) Plant all spring flowering bulbs. If planting garlic 8 inches apart at a 4 inch depth and mulch well. 

Fall Garlic Bulbs

6.) Non-hardy bulbs, such as cannas, dahlias, and gladiolus, should be removed from the ground. Let the bulbs dry out in the sun for a few hours before storing them in a cool, dry place for the winter, such as a basement.

7.) Cut down raspberry canes.

8.) Mow lawn for the last time before winter. Fill all gas tanks and add fuel stabilizer to gas of any equipment.

Lawnmower Winter Care

9.) Sharpen and oil all gardening tools.

10.) Mow lawn for the last time before winter. Sharpen blade. Fill all gas tanks and add fuel stabilizer to of any equipment when finished.

11.) Edge lawn to prevent buckling and cracking of sidewalks and driveway.

12.) Winterize lawn.

Winterizing my yard. All the jobs that need to be completed.

13.) Drain, coil and put away watering hoses.

14.) Wrap any bushes or plants that need extra winter protection.

15.) Pick up salt and sand for the driveway and walkway.

16.) Start snowblower to be sure it fires up before the snow flies.

Fall Guide to Winter - Jobs that need to be completed before the snow flies.

17.) Clean garage. Make sure everything is in it’s spot.

Get Out & Start Those Fall Yard Tasks

If I follow this fall guide to winter I’m assured that next spring I can start with a fresh slate. Everything properly cleaned and put away.

Next year I will know exactly where to find all my tools and that they will be in the perfect working order.

Now, get out and start your own fall yard tasks.

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