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Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Here’s a crafty idea for repurposing colored or vintage Ball Jars. Make a Mason jar soap dispenser.



Mason jar soap dispenser

Soap dispenser (Amazon Buy Here)
Mason or Ball Jars
Wide mouth lids and bands (Amazon Buy)
Black Spray Paint
Drill and drill bits.


1.) Drill a hole in the center of your lid that can fit the pumps straw.

2.) Spray paint the lid and ring black.

3.) Glue the lid to the ring screw cap using e6000glue.

4.) Insert straw through the lid hole. Using e6000glue, glue the pump screw cap to the lid.

5.) Add soap to your jar.

6.) Screw on your new pump cap.


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I located this brushed nickel, rust proof Mason jar pump.  It fits Mason jars and the pump straw will reach the bottom of a quart jar. Buy Here



Leak proof pump – Buy Here

Both ways are excellent uses for repurposing Ball Jars. Using either pump will work, no wrong choice.

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