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Pinecone Mania in the Country

Pinecone Mania in the Country

Pinecone Mania in the Country
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My job was to pick up sticks at the guy’s hunting camp. How can one do such a task when there is such beauty to capture around you?

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Getting our country living on for the next two days.  Next weekend, it is guys weekend, to split wood.

Between the cedars on the hunting grounds.

Today, it is loading the logs into a wagon to bring back to camp to split for next weekend.  Then on to stacking smaller tree limbs, picking up sticks and any other additional odd jobs that need to be done.


Lost a couple of trees over the winter.

Always plenty of work to be done.  Although, our part, usually last for a few weekends.


Lost in the pines

Then we can sit back and burn all the brush piles we collected and have a few drinks and excellent conversation.

You can see that I do plenty of work, huh?  I’m the camp gopher.  You know, “Hey, can you go for this?” This weekend, I picked up my sticks and helped clear out the cut pines.  Otherwise, your looking at what I did.

I surveyed the property.  Checked out the places that we have to replant trees next year.


Random thought here:( I know two of the guys randomly read my postings) In case I forget to mention this to you personally – Greg’s deer stand appears to have one small section of missing roof shingles.  The side that faces the road.

Now, that shack above and another one, I helped build 🙂 


Things are pretty slow around here.  I’m just waiting for the rest of the birds, butterflies and bugs to come out of hiding.  Heard the sandhills returning to the area earlier today. Getting excited for a new season.

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