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Sphagnum Moss Droplets

Sphagnum Moss Droplets



Sphagnum moss droplets print: A sphagnum moss that has sent up its shoots just in time to catch rain droplets.  Another name, which you may be more familiar with for sphagnum moss, is peat moss.

Sphagnum Moss Droplets

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After sphagnum moss decays, it becomes peat moss which is known in the gardening community to help with sandy soils. Peat moss increases the soil’s capacity to hold water and nutrients.

If you happen to find sphagnum moss growing in woods or bogs and are a mushroom forager, mushrooms are never far behind.  Just a little known fact.  Find the sphagnum, find the mushrooms 🙂

Honey Mushroom Grouping

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Of. course; I found mushrooms.  Plenty of mushrooms, fungi and unique moss in this section of the woods.

Anacamptodon / Knothole Moss

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With all the correct nutrients needed to thrive, it makes it the perfect environment.  Isn’t this Anacamptodon / Knothole Moss awesome?  Did you know it is uncommon and even rare?  I get to see it in a certain section of my hometown woods.  That is amazing!

Pretty soon, the wildflowers should start popping up.  Even the puffball and morale mushrooms.  Enjoy the week.  If you get a chance go and hang out in nature….


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