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South Dakota Here We Come

South Dakota Here We Come - Blogged About Our Trip Route and What We Did

South Dakota Here We Come

South Dakota here we come.  South Dakota has on my watchlist for some time.  The Badlands, Ghost towns, Blackhills, Needles Highway, Custer State Park, I’m sure you understand.  The scenery that I had pictured in my head was going to become a vivid reality. This was a trip for me, it wasn’t a trip that my family had ever wanted to take.  They didn’t share my excitement. Although seemed to be open to following my lead.

This summer, it was time!  I was going with or without any of my family members. Nobody had to come, but two out of three family members made it into the car for the journey.  My DH and daughter accompanied me.


Sioux Falls

The first leg of the trip brought us to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  We stopped off to view the falls.

Sioux Falls - The first leg of the trip brought us to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We stopped off to view the falls.

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The Sioux Quartzite at Sioux Falls, South Dakota is a Proterozoic quartzite. You can see the quartzite in areas around the falls. The rock marveled us more than the actual falls themselves.

The Sioux Quartzite at Sioux Falls,- South Dakota is a Proterozoic quartzite. You can see the quartzite in areas around the falls. The rock marveled us more than the actual falls themselves.

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1880 Town


We stopped at 1880 Town. Stopped off for a bathroom break, picked up some travel books and had a chance to stretch our legs.


We were greeted by this funny sign and the warmest winds I have ever experienced in my life.

We were greeted by this funny sign and the warmest winds I have ever experienced in my life. Great wind blown hair. I know, right?



Flattering pic.  I know 🙂 Maybe, I woke up this way?

Onward we drove.  Until the car “said” we needed gas.  Mind you, this was in the middle of nowhere. We drove until there was a sign stating gas and turned off I-90.  The arrows pointed left off the ramp for gas, we just followed along for what seemed like 10 miles.

Out of nowhere this little town popped up.  For the life of me I can’t remember it’s name. Nor, do I want too.  Not a place we ever plan to return. We found the gas station, which was a tiny building and it looked like it was closed; except for the men standing outside it.  We pulled in and an older gentleman wearing bibs with a stained gray t-shirt came over to our car.

DH asked how much a gallon.  Like it really mattered at this point.  Although, I do understand why he asked after our fill up from last year on a boating trip to Washington Island. It was more a question of will we need to take a small loan or not.

Our daughter asked if they had a bathroom. The gentleman pointed her in the right direction.  He then proceeded to ask my husband how much gas he wanted.  He filled our tank for us.

My daughter came back and said she didn’t care how much she had to use a bathroom she wasn’t current on her tetanus shot and would have to wait until the next stop.

I said how bad could it be?  I had to look.  Yep, skipping it.


Oh, my. Thank you but no thanks. I'll take my chances on a rattle snake bitting my butt.



Back on the road.  Heading as far toward Hill City, South Dakota as we could. Past my time looking through the travel books.  Which might have been a bad idea. Rattlesnakes? I didn’t think of rattlesnakes!  The signs in this book say rattlesnakes, I  might just die.  Me and my fear of snakes. Shake it off. Shake it off…don’t tell anyone in the car.  Hide it.  Stay quiet. Hide that fear.

Breakdown in Kimball

My DH was getting tired and we all were hungry and a little frazzled from traveling so we pulled off into the little town of Kimball, South Dakota.  DH stopped at the first motel and the guy behind the desk was on a personal call.  After waiting around 7 minutes he came out steaming mad and said let’s go I’m not waiting any longer.

We drove into town.  All the homes were older and some, rather run down.  We ran into a nice old grain elevator that caught my eye, but no hotels.

Old grain elevator in Kimball South Dakota

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We ended up staying at Dakota Winds Motel.  To be honest, it would not have been a motel we would have picked by looking at the outside. Their sign read – Colored TV, wifi and outlets.  It better have outlets! 

It was clean.  The room had two beds and outlets.  That was all we really needed.

Onto Supper

Dippy’s was our only choice.  Unless you count the bar down the street.  Dippy’s was inside a truck stop and the food was rather good and the prices even better.

It was here, that I had my husband a little concerned.  When I am extremely outside of my comfort zone, I start laughing hysterically.  Guess what happened?  Laughing for five minutes, that turned into crying.  I had a complete breakdown.  I told my husband and daughter that I was sorry for hauling them hours and hours away from home. I was feared the snakes that I just read about in the books.  Maybe, this area wasn’t going to be everything I thought.  Pretty sure there was more, like I needed snake boots and where the heck do you get those around here? Plus, crazed muttering that didn’t make any sense….

I love the outdoors.  I love nature.  But, mass panic comes over me with snakes.  Strange, but true.


My husband put down his cellphone that he was glued to and said we are going.  This will get better.  We will have a good time. End of story.  Pull yourself together and sleep on it.

We went back to the motel, I slept.  We were off to Wall Drug and The Badlands.

Oh gosh – I hope this gets better and I don’t disappoint them. Ready or not South Dakota here we come.

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