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Thunder Moon

First full moon of July is known as Thunder Moon Buck Moon & Capricorn Moon pictured is an Old Barn Photography prints available

Full Thunder Moon Rising

The first full moon of July is known as the thunder moon across the great plains states because of the violent storms that happen during this month.

In Native American Culture it is Called:

In Native American culture it has been known as the buck moon for it is when the most significant growth of deer antlers occurs.


In Astrology it is Called:

In astrology it is known as the Capricorn moon.

It really doesn’t matter what name you happen to call it by.  In the early stages of the night, it was huge, beautiful and I am thankful to have caught it on camera! 

Four Different Shots Expose for Different Elements:

The image is composed of four different shots taken on July 9th in Brown County, Wisconsin. Each frame was centered on a different subject to expose for that element and incorporated into one complete photo.

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