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Frigid Shores Of Lake Michigan

Frigid Shores Of Lake Michigan - Snow and Ice along Door County Wisconsin

Frigid Shores Of Lake Michigan

The frigid shores of Lake Michigan are still giving us a winter show by creating wonderful ice sculptures.

It is brisk out, but we turned the corner, weather wise. Spring is here, nah!  But, it IS warmer. There is no snow along some of the edges of the Lake Michigan shoreline in Door County, Wisconsin. Strange but true.



Lake Michigan Shoreline

Along Lake Michigan Shoreline

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Tired of Being Cooped Up

Tired of being cooped up this week working on my website restructures.  I have so much to do, and it is literally, overwhelming.  Someday I may get all the files fixed.

Migrating a new template and combining three sites wasn’t something I was fully prepared for. I have issues!  When I jump in, I don’t seem to test HOW deep the water is.  I just commit to owning the fact that I’m jumping in. I do so, and never look back.


You Have Been Wonkafied

There are some broken links, wonky layouts and small pictures in places.  You know what?  I realized in the past few months,  I am more of a perfectionist then I have EVER wanted to admit.  It drives me crazy.  Enough so, that I didn’t go to bed until 6am and only slept 4 hours the other night to try and get ahead of this layout issue.

Enough of that crap.  You are getting wonkafied until it gets done.  Love you all, but wonkafied it is.  Is that even a real word?  I make up words all the time. Hahaha!


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I Hear the Lake Calling

The lakeshore is calling my name. Kewaunee and Door County, Wisconsin provided all sorts of photo ops in winter and early spring. Although, work has prevented me from heading that way.  Today the wait is over.

Lake Michigan Shores

Bone chilling temps the past few weeks. I expected nothing less from Mother Nature. Gave me a chance to get work done. Plus, it made me “feel” like I was not missing out on much.



Lake Michigan Tour

Enjoy the tour along  Lake Michigan Your looking at pictures from Door County.


Encapsulated in Ice

Encapsulated In Ice

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Only a few more weekends of winter.  I will then assume we will meet again next year, Mr. Winter.


Few icicles hanging around.

Few Icicles Hanging Around

Print / Canvas / Coffee Cup / Metal / Puzzle / Greeting Card 

At least my fingers are crossed.  I’m ready for spring flowers and sweatshirt weather. But, first; work calls. Ugh!!

Along a stretch of shoreline between Cavepoint and Whitefish Bay Dunes

See you back here next Monday for another Midwest Moment!

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