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Happy as a Clam

Door County Wisconsin Sunset Landscape Photography Art Print

Happy as a Clam at Sugar Creek

Last Thursday afternoon I got a text from my husband asking if I had plans for the night.  He was asked to go walleye fishing after work.  I replied, nope.  No plans, but go I’ll make some now.  It was a very warm day and we had an extreme amount of rain earlier in the week, so I knew the creeks would be running. Late in the day makes a wonderful time to play in the water happy as a clam with a tripod and camera.

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Printable Bathroom Wall Art

Wash Your Hands Print - Example of one of the free designs you can print out. My 12 year old son said the framed prints have been a huge hit with his friends. He stated that not a tween or teen has come out without giggling and repeating the sayings. I created four different sayings and frame them all for the downstairs bathroom.

I was looking for some cute framed sayings to add to my bathroom decor and I really didn’t like anything I came across in the stores. I decided to make my own printable bathroom wall art.

Then, I remembered that my daughter had given me some white, 8×10 frames for Christmas last year and I figured maybe I should just make something to print out to tie the distressed frames to.
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