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I live in Wisconsin.  We have a VERY short growing season and experience long, gloomy winters. Many of the gardening posts deal with cold weather.  I also have a love of nature and wildlife – expect plenty of postings dealing with critters.

As with most things in life, there are severals ways to accomplish a goal. Gardening is no different.  I’m not an expert by any means.  Just sharing what I have done or learned over my lifetime.



Anything to do with birds that may visit your yard – recipes, flowers to plant for hummingbirds and informational posts. The postings will have information on breeding habits, migration and how to attract the critters to your feeders and backyard.


Birds You Might Find in Your Yard or at Your Feeder
11 Birds That Will Eat Oranges at Your Bird Feeder
How to Dry Sunflower Heads for a Sunflower Seed Feeder All About the Blue Jay


Bird Seed Suet Filled Egg Shell Recipe 3 Tricks to Keep Your Bird Bath clean
Treats for the Birds Dried Fruit Medley Birdfood Recipe
Coopers Hawk in Garden Red Tailed Hawk in Garden
Wildflower that birds like When do the Hummingbirds Return for Season and When to Hang Feeder
How to Clean a Hummingbird Feeder What Does a Catbird Sound Like
10 Flowers that Attract Hummingbirds to Your Yard Hand Feeding Birds
How to Clean a Bird Bath Hummingbird Sugar Water Recipe
All about the Baltimore Oriole Bird Feeder Bird All about the Dark Eyed Junco Bird

Other Backyard Guests

Not all insects or backyard guests are bad for your garden or flower beds.  Let’s explore a few that are beneficial or neutral to your yard and learn how to attract them and interesting facts. 


Eastern Swallowtail Butterfly-Yellow, black and blue Lifecycle of a Monarch Butterfly
What is a Mason Bee Feeding Butterflies - Fruit - Sugar Water Recipe
Butterfly Nectar Food Recipe How to Tell the Male and Female Monarch Apart

Lawn & Garden Pests

Nobody likes them, but at one point or another we all will have them, garden pests. Not all insects are bad for your gardens. 

This section will deal with common garden, flower garden and lawn pests. The culprits that may raid your gardens and yards causing havoc by destroying, chewing and killing your plants.

This category will include pictures of pest damage, photos to help you identify your likely enemy and how one might go about ridding yourself of the little buggers.


Ways to Get Rid of Aphids Cabbage White Butterfly
Cucumber Beetle - Yellow bug in garden Get Rid of Garden Slugs
What is eating and chewing holes in my garden plants
Common Lawn Pests Ant Problem on Flowers How to Get Rid of Them


Growing, Dividing, Winter Prep & Yard Care

Articles on how to divide and care for garden plants and winter garden prep. Articles will include how to fertilizing plants, how to deal with issues your plants may face and tips and tricks to aid you in growing beautiful garden plants. You will also find tips & tricks and basic yard care here.


Growing Lemon Grass Dividing Canna Bulbs
Starting an Indoor Window Garden for Winter Save and Store Your Geranium Garden Plants for Winter
How to Care for a Poinsettia
How to Display and Dry Hydrangeas Secret to Growing Massive Healthy Garden Plants
Plants for Water Gardening Keep Snow From Sticking to Shovel
How to Increase or Decreas the PH of Your Garden Soil Pink Garden Phlox in Your Flower Garden
Digging up and Storing Tuberous Begonia for Winter How to Buy Garden Plant Bulbs
How to Test Your Soil For Lead Repotting a Money Plant
Growing Horseradish Root Jello Fertilizes Houseplants
Fall Planting Guide to Figuring Out How Many Growing Weeks are Needed How to Start and Care for Rhubarb Plants
Pruning Tools - What tools are needed to prune your plants properly. How to Plant Falls Bulbs for Spring Flowers
How to Plant Garlic - Fall planting equals a healthy crop next season in the Midwest. How to Water Plants When on Vacation
Did You Know You Could Grow Loofahs Guide to Get You Ready for Winter in Fall


Backyard projects and crafts. Tutorials for flower garden crafts, outdoor holiday decor, furniture and additional ways to make your yard, deck and patios enjoyable. Variety of garden crafts, outdoor yard decor and projects.

Easy to Make DIY Stepping Stones Bowling Ball Garden Art
Knit a Planter - Instructions DIY Rhubarb Stepping Stones
Recycled Garden Plate Flowers How to Make a Terra Cotta Clay Pot People
How to Create Easy QuikCrete Walkways Garden Products Made from Sticks and Wood
Using antiques as unique planters – Give items a second life by using antiques as unique planters and containers. Some picture ideas to get your thoughts cycling. Mostly antiques but some additional containers too. Introduction to Making a Water Garden
Dying Cotton with Berries


Recipes Using Freshly Grown Produce

Looking for ways to use the fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables from your growing season? Under this category you will find recipes, canning methods and additional ideas.  You weeded and worked it, now you reap from it!

Grilled Corn on the Cob and Herb Butter
Creamy Cucumber Salad
Fresh Homemade Applesauce Recipe Fruit Round Salad Using Freshly grown berries and other Fruit Recipe
Forgaging Mulberries for Muffin Recipe

This is not a complete listing of the posts in the gardening section of this site. Although I am working on making it a complete listing. I recently transferred posts from my gardeninghelpinformation.com site to find a new, and permanent home here.

Please bare with me while I fix a few layout issues. The “we” in the site is ME.  I am one person wearing the hat of photographer, artist, graphic designer, content creator, web coder, web designer, database admin and more.  Having all my sites in one space will allow me to direct all my attention into providing one MASSIVE site with excellent content for you to browse and enjoy.

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