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Ice Cream Bucket Grasshopper

Ice Cream Bucket Grasshopper

Spend more time with your guests by pre-making a batch of this minty drink. This ice cream bucket grasshopper drink is my most requested recipe after hosting a party.


Not the Traditional Way to Make a Grasshopper but It Tastes the Same

Keep in mind that it is not the traditional way most people think of making grasshoppers…just MY way. Like I mentioned, over the years during my holiday parties countless party go-ers have requested the recipe.  So, I did something right.

Difficulty: Easy


Gallon vanilla Ice Cream
2 8oz Cool Whip
1 oz Green Creme de Mint (starting point)
1 oz White Creme de Cocoa (starting point)


In a mixmaster bowl or regular mixing bowl, measure out the creme de cocoa and creme de mint. Add the entire gallon of vanilla ice cream and the 2 cool whip.

Mix all ingredients until fully blended and you reach a nice green minty color.  I added a tiny bit of green food coloring too.  Sometimes you want that really green color. Keep taste testing and adding in equal amounts of creme de mint and creme de cocoa until you reach the desired taste you would like.  Spoon the mixture back into the gallon ice cream container, minus another taste test for yourself of course.

Place the ice cream bucket into a freezer. It is best to make this grasshopper mix for at least 2 days so the ice cream mixture can set back up.

To Serve:

Just place the amount of the grasshopper mix desired in a glass. Add a half a straw to complete the drink, both as a stir stick, and for sipping.