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Monarch Caterpillar Battling Aphids Over Milkweed

One of the largest issues that Monarch caterpillar larvae battle is aphids. Aphids compete for the larvaes food source.

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Blue Jay Birds

Blue Jay Birds

Audio file of blue jay calls, written facts and photography.

Want to know what a male bird looks like? A female? How about what a blue jay birds nest looks like? How many eggs are laid or how long it takes for the eggs to hatch?

The video can answer those questions and a few additional ones. Plus, hear the calls of blue jay birds in the woods. This way you can identify that they are near to see if you can spot them when you are out for a walk.

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Planting Garlic Video

It was a cold and rainy day today.  The rain let up just enough for me to be able to film this short planting garlic video.

In Wisconsin we can plant our garlic in fall or spring.  I plant my garlic in anywhere from late April – the end of May if planting in Spring.  After the danger of frost. In fall, late October or early November.

Garlic is neither a spice or an herb.  It is a relative of shallots, leeks, chive and onions.  I use garlic in just about all my dishes.  Growing it is enjoyable and simple.

To amuse myself today, I created a video on how to plant and care garlic for your viewing pleasure.