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Obsession With The Rust

Obsession with the Rust - Old Rusty Farm Equipment Photography

Obsession With The Rust

Do you have an obsession with something? For me, I have an obsession with rust – something old, something rusty, something with history and a story. I find myself drawn to items that you can look at or picked up and imagine a person using. What was life like back at the time this item was used. The challenges the people faced? 

I focus on how time changes items and the steps the world has maybe made for the better, or for the worse. Depending how one looks at the item.

Design available on wall art, home decor, tote bags, cards & more.

Obsession with the Rust

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Belgian Brick by Brick

Belgian Brick Home and Additional Buildings From the Brussels, Rosiere, Walhain, Luxemburg United States Areas.

Belgian Brick by Brick

As part of my heritage I have found great pleasure in asking questions and seeking properties that still house some of the first settlers homes. I was on my way to Sugar Creek last week and decided to reshoot this old Belgian brick home and outbuilding.

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Window of Opportunity

Doves flying out of an old church dormer. Photography art prints for sale.


Life’s up and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals. Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want.

–Marsha Sinetar


The things you go through in life, they make you.  They shape every fiber of your being.   Today, things have settled down. When I look back, I see why I have a greater appreciation for wildlife and nature. Neither ask anything of me, or judge. Peace and quiet.  Centered by nature.  A place I can breathe.


All site pics are only web quality. High quality pics available for sale.

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Thunder Moon

First full moon of July is known as Thunder Moon Buck Moon & Capricorn Moon pictured is an Old Barn Photography prints available

Full Thunder Moon Rising

The first full moon of July is known as the thunder moon across the great plains states because of the violent storms that happen during this month.

In Native American Culture it is Called:

In Native American culture it has been known as the buck moon for it is when the most significant growth of deer antlers occurs.


In Astrology it is Called:

In astrology it is known as the Capricorn moon.

It really doesn’t matter what name you happen to call it by.  In the early stages of the night, it was huge, beautiful and I am thankful to have caught it on camera! 

Four Different Shots Expose for Different Elements:

The image is composed of four different shots taken on July 9th in Brown County, Wisconsin. Each frame was centered on a different subject to expose for that element and incorporated into one complete photo.