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Obsession With The Rust

Obsession with the Rust - Old Rusty Farm Equipment Photography

Obsession With The Rust

Do you have an obsession with something? For me, I have an obsession with rust – something old, something rusty, something with history and a story. I find myself drawn to items that you can look at or picked up and imagine a person using. What was life like back at the time this item was used. The challenges the people faced? 

I focus on how time changes items and the steps the world has maybe made for the better, or for the worse. Depending how one looks at the item.

Design available on wall art, home decor, tote bags, cards & more.

Obsession with the Rust

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Autumn Pleasure Photography Print

Autumn Pleasure Truck Photography Print

Autumn Pleasure Photography Print 

This print is titled autumn pleasure because it was the perfect day to spot this beauty!

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Hidden in the tall reeds of a farm field with the late autumn tree backdrop. Pretty much the last nice day of fall.

The photo has an added texture that resembles cotton watercolor paper.