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How to Make Shattered Marble Necklaces Christmas Bulb Bath Salts - DIY Christmas Gift
Photo Scrabble Necklaces - Use a photo on your pendant to make cute, personalized gifts for family and friends. Make Crazy Crayons - It is what you do with old, broken crayons.
One Pair of Socks is One Cupcakes - Learn How! Record Bowls - Turn that old record into a useful bowl
Pendants from a can Heads or Tails Handstamped Penny Tutorial
Smores in a Jar - Recipe and Printable Tags Too! Want to learn how to dry flowers from your garden? Learn how!
Christmas Bulbs Even Kids Can Make DIY Jewelry Holders From Recycled Materials
Make Your Own Smelly Jelly Jars
Ideas to Make Your Own Gift Baskets Body Sugar Cube Scrub Recipe
Plenty of Childrens Craft Recipes To Keep Your Child Busy
 Quikrete Cement Walkways Bathroom Printables


Birdseed Ornament Recipe - Great Wedding Favors Too! Rhubarb Stepping Stones - DYI - Learn Here
 Make Fruit Bowl Bird Feeders to Treat Your Feathered Friends Display and dry hydrangeas
 Grow Basil From Cutting DIY Bird Feeder Suet
 Grilled Corn and Flavored Butter Recipes Birds that will eat oranges
Overwintering Geraniums How to get hummingbirds to nest in your yard
diy stepping stones Digging up canna plants for winter

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Two Styles of FREE Printable Christmas Tags FREE Printable Garden Salsa Labels
Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Jar Instructions and FREE PRINTABLE Lids and Labels Humorous Bathroom Reading Here! FREE PRINTABLE Bathroom Wall Art


DIY Funnel Cakes - Fun and Easy Red Velvet Whoope Pies
Rainbow Cupcake in a Jar Copycat Tootsie Roll Recipe
Brownie Mix Recipe Tailgating Sugar Popcorn
Frosting recipes Peanut Putter Fudge
Bonus - One Recipe - Two Cookies Raspberry Tortepic
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Smores on a stick Pineapple Upside Down Muffin recipe


Broccaulpic Peppered Corn Relish - Brat, Hot Dog and Polish Sausage Summer Slaw
Applesaucepic Onionsouppic
Creamy Ham Salad bluecheesepic
creamedcornpic chickengravypic
hamandpicklepic ranchdippic
beetpic Nutella
Ranch Dressing Beer Cheese Dip



Skittlesvodkapic drunkbearspic
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Pina Colada Slush Mexican Fiesta Party
 Survivor Birthday Serving Wine
 Baby Shower Games Bake Sale Cupcakes


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Lasangapic Meatballspic
Rueben Sandwiches Deep Fried Turkey
Terriyaki Grilled Shrimp Copycat Egg Beaters


What you need to can food jampic
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Explore Wisconsin/ Midwest Locations/ Photography by Nikki Vig Blog

Copper Culture State Park

Copper Culture State Park in Oconto County Wisconsin

In the Market for a Pair of New Hiking Boots?

This weekend my husband and I took a Saturday fall drive through Oconto and Marinette Counties, visiting new sites and revisiting a few old ones that I had been to. Copper Culture State Park was one of our stops.

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Fresh From Garden Recipes/ From My Kitchen Recipes/ Gardening/ Nikki Lynn Design - The Midwest Life - Cook, Craft, Grow & Travel./ Side Dishes

Corn Roast & Flavored Butter

Corn Roast & Flavored Butter

Corn Roast & Flavored Butter

Right now fresh ears of corn on the cob are plentiful in the grocery store and along roadside produce stands. The price is right, too. Under 25 cents a serving.  Can’t beat that.  Normally, that means we would be up for hosting a corn roast & flavored butter with drinks at our house.  Due to scheduling this year, that might not happen.
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Feathered Facts/ Feathered Friends Backyard Guests/ Gardening/ Nikki Lynn Design - The Midwest Life - Cook, Craft, Grow & Travel.

Coopers Hawk in My Garden

The coopers hawk is often found in backyards. The bird feeder birds are an easy target for hawks, they will stand back and watch the songbirds and strike.  

Coopers Hawk in My Garden

The coopers hawk in my garden, he enjoys parking himself on my deck rail or the neighbor’s fence and watching over the yard.  The backyard feeder birds are an easy target for hawks, they will stand back and watch the songbirds eat their fill and then strike them in flight as they leave.

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From My Kitchen Recipes/ Nikki Lynn Design - The Midwest Life - Cook, Craft, Grow & Travel./ Sweet Treats

Mulberry Muffins

Mulberry Muffins

Mulberry Muffins

Foraged some mulberries this weekend. Yum!  Now, what to do with them all. First thing I wanted to try was a recipe for mulberry muffins because muffins freeze well. I mixed up a double batch of muffins using a recipe off Flickr.

I had to convert the measurements for US metrics. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.
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