Wildlife Collection

An assortment of wildlife photography taken within the Midwest and Florida.  Animals range from wolves, fox and coyotes to small birds visiting feeders and macros of insects.

I’m a hobbyist wildlife photographer that enjoys critters.  At some point I really do need to go through the albums to caption and write something informational or witty for each picture.  I’ll get there.  Someday.

If you want to view the entire collection – All images are on my Smugmug account and available on a variety of products, I invite you to visit my Smugmug account. I had them all on here, until I found out my fancy coding didn’t allow everyone to view the albums – many were getting a timeout error. I’ll figure this out yet!

If you want to buy a photo – All images are available on a variety of products, I invite you to visit my Smugmug account.  They have secure servers capable of handling monetary exchanges. Want to learn about the buying process?  Read here.

If you want to share a picture? – My share buttons are a little testy. If one pops up for you, feel free to use the button to share.



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