Whitefish Dunes State Park

Whitefish Dunes State Park

Whitefish Dunes State Park is an 863-acre park in Door County, Wisconsin that has beautiful hiking trails a Lake Michigan beach, and the highest sand dunes in Wisconsin.

General Info

General:State Park has the highest sand dune beach in Wisconsin. Enjoy hiking, gorgeous views of Lake Michigan, and traversing the wooden boardwalk steps and paths searching for native plants.
County:Door County
Google Map Location:Google Map Location
Cost:Wisconsin State Park sticker (daily or yearly)

First Option To Enter Park

You can explore the trail along the shoreline of Lake Michigan from Cave Point County Park to Whitefish Dunes Park.

After viewing Cave Point head along the shore by the gazebo to pick up the trail. If you use this option, you will not be charged an entrance fee.

I do not recommend this option if you will be using the Whitefish Dunes beach for the day.

Entrance Fee

If you chose to enter Whitefish Dunes and park by car, there is a choice of purchasing a daily Wisconsin State Park pass or a yearly sticker. I highly recommend purchasing the yearly sticker if you plan on spending a few days in Door County.

The pass will get you into all the state parks in Door County, the county parks are all no-fee access parks.

List of State Parks In Door County:

Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek, WI
Newport State Park, Ellison Bay, WI
Potawatomi State Park, Sturgeon Bay, WI
Rock Island State Park, Rock Island, WI

Inside Whitefish Dunes State Park

The nature center inside the park.  Stop off here for a trail map or wildflower guide and get any questions you may have answered.

Check to see if they have any nature classes going on for the day or check out some of the displays.

Stop Off & Get A Selfie

To the left of the nature center is a birdfeeder and a long wooden boardwalk and platform. 

It is a good place to stop off and grab a selfie, Travel Wisconsin has a little setup on the platform.

This will be your first real glimpse of the dunes.

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Overlooking The Beach & Lake Michigan

The view to the right off the end of the platform overlooks the aquamarine-colored Lake Michigan water and the start of the sand dune beach.

Around the bend after walking some wooden stair sets awaits a gorgeous beach.

The Park Is Dog Friendly

The park is dog-friendly, but if you are looking to head to the beach area that allows dogs, you will have to walk down the trail a bit.

The trails are all nicely groomed and well maintained. The trail markers are extremely clear and straightforward.

 3 Groups of Settlers Lived in The Park

You can stop off and view from afar some of the reconstructions of the settlers that lived in Whitefish Dunes Park along the path.

There are several on both sides of the trail that can be viewed from behind a wooden corral.

First Access Point To The Dunes

This is the first access point to the sand dunes.  Have a dog – keep trucking by.

The view from the top of the steps reveals beauty!

This is also the place to check-in if you are completing a kayak tour.

DC Adventure Center Kayak Tours

See my friends at DC Adventure Tours who meet and launch from the beach in the park for a kayak tour of the sea caves at Cave Point & the Dunes.

For ages 8+. No experience is necessary and ACA-standard instruction is provided.

The Lake Is Calming

This is a calm day on Lake Michigan with a perfect rhythmic wave action going, it could easily lull anyone to sleep. But, the Lake isn’t always this calm.

This Park Is Fabulous!

You Can Spend A Good Afternoon Here

You can easily spend an afternoon walking the short trails and enjoying the sandy beach.

However, you can also spend an hour walking through a short shady trail and climbing a few stair sets to view the sand dunes and beach.

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No matter how you spend your time at Whitefish Dunes you will enjoy it, I promise! Need additional things to do in Door County, WI check out the growing collection of locations I have covered. I grew up in Door County, I know a thing or two 😉

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