Helping To Plan a Baby Shower

Printable Baby Shower Games

Helping Plan a Baby Shower

When my sister was pregnant with twin girls. My job was to prepare the games, send out the invites, make table top decor and help make some of the food items.  I wasn’t too sure what kind of games to do with the guests because I was told by my sister, she didn’t want direct attention.

That is no easy task, she WILL be the center of attention.  I figure she just doesn’t want any corny games like to measure her belly or guess her weight.  Which, I can totally relate too!

Tabletop Vases

Table Top Baby Shower Vases

The pic above were the tabletop vase decorations.  Sorry about the off colored picture.  I meant to retake a picture during the day.  Oh, well.  You get the idea. The vases are 1/2 filled with mints with pink paper basket stuffing and a pink balloon flower.

All of the items were purchased at the Dollar Store.

Baby Shower Games

Delivering Your Chick

Baby Shower Games Delivering Your Chick

For the first game that I have planned, guest will get an ice cube with a little chick frozen inside. At the beginning of the shower, I will give each guest their own ice cube.  The rules are simple you may use any part of your body you’d like to speed up the process of delivering your chick.  The first persons chick to be freed must stand up and yell, my water broke!

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I wanted to get the little babies to place in the ice cubes but they wouldn’t make them to me in time.  That is certainly a wonderful alternative.

Finish Mommy’s Phrase

The second game is finish mommy’s phrase. The guests will have to try and fill in the blanks for 20 words and match mommy’s answers exactly.
Example of her answers:
Diaper Genie
Bouncing Babies
Teething Ring

Finish Mommy's Phrase

Here is the printable version for you to print. You will need to (save) the PDF to your computer. Finish Mommy’s Phrase

Hospital Visit Baby Shower Game

All patterns are free for personal use.  They can not be sold or used on your website.

Hospital Visit Baby Shower Game

The third game the guests will get a cute sheet of paper that I have clip art and 20 lines with the instructions to list 20 things that mommy to be will be bringing with her to the hospital. Answers will only be correct if they match mommy exactly.

Hospital Visit Girl (Save PDF file)

Hospital Visit Boy (Save PDF file)

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What Will Mommy Get Bingo

Baby Shower Bingo

The fourth game will be playing as mommy is opening her presents.  Each guest will get a blank bingo card.  Before mommy opens her gifts, each guest must fill in the blank spaces with a gift they think mommy will receive. As mommy opens her gifts the guests will across out the ones they have matched.  The first, second and third prizes will be a regular, straight line bingo.  The last prize will be black out bingo. The prizes will be the tabletop vases I made.

If you would like to print out my pattern click the red print Baby Shower Gift Bingo (Save PDF)

Food For the Baby Shower

Baby Shower Cookies

For food we are having sloppy joes, chips and dip, potato salad, 2 pasta salads, fruit pizzas, deviled eggs, assorted finger foods, cookies, a veggie tray fruit fluff and of course cake. Coffee and punch round out the drinks.

Helping To Plan a Baby Shower

Hopefully, everything will go well!

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