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Individual Pizzas On The Grill

It’s summertime and that means breaking out the grill and spicing things up a little. With this heat wave we have been having it is nice to keep the cooking outdoors.Why not try to make individual pizzas on the grill. It is rather easy!

All you need to do is gather up all the toppings you would normally like on your pizza and purchase pre-made, pizza dough. I cheated when it comes to the pizza dough for the crust, I purchase the dough from our grocery store deli when I pick up the toppings and sauce.

During the day let your dough for your crust rise one time and punch it down or let it fall. Then when you are ready to grill, flour your counter and roll out small individual pizza crusts. It doesn’t matter if they are round, square or mix and matched, they all taste the same going down. Gather up your pizza ingredients and crusts and bring them outside with you.

Start your grill and place individual pizza dough on grates over medium heat. Using tongs at about the 5 minute mark, check to see if the crust bottom is a golden brown, if so, turn the crusts over.

This is what the crust will look like when flipped.  Start to add sauce and toppings right away.

Add sauce and any toppings you would like to pizzas. Top with cheese and continue grilling until cheese is melted and the other side of the crust is cooked.


It is a nice treat to be able to customize your own pizza.

Enjoy your pizza. It has an almost, woodfire taste when prepared on the grill. Mmmm!

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