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Survivor 40th Birthday Party

Survivor 40th Birthday Party
This will be the first of two blog postings on the prep work that was involved to throw my husband a birthday party.  He turns the Big 4-0!.

 WORKING ON UPDATING IN THE COMING WEEKS.  SORRY!! Due to template change it stripped the pictures.


I NEVER seem to do anything on a small scale. This party will be no exception.
He deserves every minute of planning and work that went into this party.  He is a hard working man and supports his family.  We love him for that, and much more!!
I am inviting friends, select family and co-workers over for a get together for some food, drinks and music.  Throw in a “Survivor” based theme games along with a bonfire and the night will be a success.
To start, every party needs some sort of theme.  I decided to go with a survivor party theme. I set the date and then made up invites.  Here is a copy of the invite which was printed on an 8×11 piece of paper.

The main point I was trying to get across was: We don’t quit playing cause we grow old.  We old because we quit playing. Which was written directly under the logo.  This is an important theme for me.  I believe people take life too seriously. We need to sit back and just have some plain ole’ fun, now and again. It keeps us young at heart and life interesting.

Sorry!  I don’t have a blank template for this one.  If you want some printable games, I can help you with that!  Find all the games HERE. 

Follow me the next few blog posting to see the games I am creating, the decor I am choosing to use and our food and drink selections. I guarantee it will be a night for him to remember years down the road.



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