Survivor Theme Party Game Challenges

Survivor Puzzle Pattern - Print out any image or you can download and print my blank pattern on I printed out my husband's logo and then glued it to a board using Mod Podge. Then just cut out tiles using a jig saw. Update: I used a blowtorch to make the burnt, old look to the puzzle before I Mod Podged it.

Survivor Theme Party Game Challenges

I racked my brain and turned to the Internet for ideas. I scoured the Internet looking for games to purchase. I came up empty-handed. So, I knew that I was on my own and each would have to be created by myself. Here is my challenge listing, the rules, and way I plan on setting everything up.

Challenge Board & Score Board

First, I needed a way to keep me on task and a way for our guests to see the upcoming challenges. I found our over-sized dry erase board in the basement and decided this would be the perfect place to list the challenges. It is large, spacious and wouldn’t cost me any additional money or time to prepare. It also serves as a place to record the winning team of each challenge, an added bonus.


If you would like to read the first one, how I created the invite, please click here.

After setting the date and designing the invite, came my very own challenge
of creating and organizing the Survivor challenges. I’m sure you have seen the
TV show. The challenges are interesting, fun and competitive.

Picking Teams:

Chose two team captains. Seek out two people that are the most competitive or
the physically strongest party guests. The team captains will take turns picking
teams, school yard style.

If you end up with an extra person, the extra person gets to pick the team of their choice to belong to. Give each team member a cloth strip for a team armband or headband. (I cut strips out of old bed sheets in the two team matching colors.)

If you prefer, you can purchase bandanas:


Challenge #1:
Challenge Name For Board: Artsy Fartsy

Materials and Set Up:

Before challenge day, cut out a piece of material or canvas in rectangular
shape. Before guests arrive, select a spot on opposite ends of the yard and set
out a team flag. Set out an assortment of paints, brushes, and markers for each

To Play:

Have each team return to their team flag. The challenge is for each team to
chose a team name and create a flag. They have 10 minutes to come up with a team name and create the flag using assorted paints, brushes and markers.

Give warnings at 5 min and 1 min intervals. Our daughter judged this event.

I need to dig out those flags.  We had team Volkswagen Rhubub (no typo there) and who we called the art clan because their flag was artsy, but didn’t have a name.

Challenge #2: Challenge Name For Board: Match Game

Survivor Theme Party Game Challenges

To Make The Game:

Gather 30 pieces of wood. Locate 15 matching pairs of tribal-inspired images
or use my pattern Survivor Match Game.

Glue the tribal images onto the wood blocks. Use a handheld torch to burn the edges and yellow some of the paper to give them an aged look. Then brush them with Mod Podge to seal them.

Set Up Before Guests Arrive:

Place each wooden piece into a small bag (I used these) and scatter the bags randomly around the yard. You can tie them in trees, swingsets, fences or just set them in the grass.

To Play:

Using a medium size bag, place two rocks in it, one black and one white. Each team captain reaches into the bag at the same time and pulls out a rock. The team that pulls out the black rock, chooses if they want to go first or second.

First team sends one team member out into the yard to chose two bags and brings them back to the team. They open the bag and show everyone the pieces. If they match, the team keeps them. If not, they return the pieces to the yard. Then the following team tries. Yes, the other team does see the pieces and where the pieces go back. Everyone does. So, choosing the order in which your team retrieves the pieces could be the key to the game. It becomes a large-scale memory game. The team with the most pairs at the end wins.


Challenge #3: Challenge Name For Board: Wet T-Shirt Contest

2 T-shirts, one in each team color. 4 buckets.

To Play:
Each team is given a T-shirt in their team color and a 1 bucket full of water

on the starting line. 25 yards away, directly across from the filled water
bucket, is another, empty bucket. Each team lines up behind their water bucket. On go, the first person in line soaks up as much water in the t-shirt as they can and runs down and rings out their t-shirt into the empty bucket. They then run back and hand the t-shirt off to the next team member in line, who does the same thing. The first team’s bucket to overflow wins.
Challenge #4: Challenge Name For Board: Hot Shot Challenge

Materials and Set Up:

Make or purchase 2 old-fashioned slingshots
2 bags of marbles
Clay pigeons in assorted sizes (located in the sporting goods section used to shoot trap)
2 team colored paints
(3) 6 foot boards
Hot glue gun
glue sticks

My two team colors are green and black,  So, I needed to paint 12 of both team’s clay pigeons. After the “targets” are painted, space them out evenly, by hot gluing them to 2×4 lumber or similar wooden structure and rotate the colored targets.

In our case, we had some old cedar fence boards sitting around, so I attached
the targets to them with hot glue. I decided to attach the cedar fence boards
across our backyard fence. However, you could build a frame or use

Items Purchased:

To Play:

Team members take turns shooting at the opposite team member’s colored targets using the slingshot loaded with marbles. The objective of the game is to break the other team’s targets. The team with the last target standing is the

FYI Update After Party: This was the most talked about party game I have created. The guys still say I might be the only one out there to arm their party goers with alcohol and weapons.   For some reason, arming people with slingshots and marbles makes them FEEL like superheroes for years 🙂 

Break for Some Good Eats:

Break Time. Time To Eat and get some refreshments! 

After eating the teams assemble again. If additional guests wandered in and
want to play the last two games, assign them a team.

Blind Mice Challenge #5:

Gather 60 balls, 20 of each team color and 20 red distractor balls.
I purchased the 100 Bestway Plastic Balls. They were cheap and came
in assorted colors. 

Scattered the balls in one section of the yard. Each team picks one caller
and lineup their team members according to who they would like to go

Blindfold the first team member of each team. The team caller stands by their bucket. The caller directs the blindfolded team member to locate one ball in their team color and return it to their team bucket. They can then take off the blindfold and pass it to the next team member.

It gets a little tricky because the blindfolded team members try and pick up
the other team’s balls or the distractor balls.  Which, adds to the fun.  The caller is yelling, “No, not your ball.  Drop it.” 


Challenge #6: Challenge Name For Board: Big Foot

Heavy elastic
Small bags

To Make The Game:

Cut out two pairs of giant feet out of wood or heavy-duty cardboard. Attach heavy-duty straps to them,
so the team members can slide their feet in them.

Print out and make the Puzzle Tiles:

Print out any image. You can download and print my blank pattern —>Survivor Puzzle Pattern.  I printed out my husband’s logo and then glued it to a board using ModPodge.  Then just cut out tiles using a jig saw.  Update: To answer a question: I used a blowtorch to make the burnt, old look to the puzzle before I Mod Podged it. Just hold it back a little ways or you will burn your paper completely.

Survivor Puzzle Pattern - Print out any image or you can download and print my blank pattern on I printed out my husband's logo and then glued it to a board using Mod Podge. Then just cut out tiles using a jig saw. Update: I used a blowtorch to make the burnt, old look to the puzzle before I Mod Podged it.

To Play:

Have the teams decide who will be the runners and one or two people to be the
puzzle solvers. Line up the runners for the team on the start line. The solvers
will stay at the puzzle-solving table and wait for all the team members to
retrieve their pieces.

Have the first person for each team slide on their big feet.  On go, have the
first member of each team run to one of the trees, untie a team, color-coated
bag and race back to their team mat and drop the bag. Once they cross the finish
line and drop the pieces on the mat, they exchange feet with the next person in
line.  Continue until all bags are retrieved.

After the last person has retrieved their bag, the puzzle challenge begins.
The person or people working on the puzzle run over to the mat and pick up all
the bags and return them to their solving table. They quickly untie the bags
and dump out the pieces to begin solving the puzzle.

The first team to solve the puzzle wins.

Have Fun!
Hope these Survivor-themed party challenges give you an idea of where to start planning. We had a blast.  

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