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Free Printable Salsa Lid Labels and Jar Labels

Free Printable Salsa Lid Labels and Jar Labels

Free Printable Salsa Lid Labels and Jar Labels

I have plenty of my garden tomatoes ready for picking.  There is only so much spaghetti sauce and tomato sauce I care to have on hand.  What can I do with the remaining stock? Well, make salsa of course! I created some free printable salsa labels and jar labels – just in case you want to try your hand at making your own.

I came up with a plan to not only use the rest of the tomatoes I have on hand but turn them into gifts for the hard to purchase people on my Christmas gift list.

Since I already have the tomatoes, jars, and lids the only things I needed were the labels and to run to the store and get some salsa seasoning.  I cheat.  I use the packets of salsa spice that can be added to my tomatoes.  In a few hours, I will have 10 jars of salsa for nothing more than my time and some extremely cheap, supplies.

Garden Fresh Salsa Label – I made up lid covered and jar labels that can be saved as a PDF to your computer and then printed out and attached to the top of canning jars.  Simply print, cut and glue them on. Your welcome to use them for your gift-giving needs.  Please do NOT post them on your websites.

Garden Fresh Salsa Lid– Just print the number of copies you wish, cut them out and attach to the jar or lid with a little glue.  Enjoy!!

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be posted plenty of ideas and printables to help aid you in crossing off some names on your Christmas gift list. The listings will be items that will not break the bank and suitable for everyone from the newspaper delivery person, teachers to grandparents.  

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