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How to Set a Formal Table Setting for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner and the excitement is certainly in the air.  I took out my fine china and glassware to wash and inspect it for the holidays.  This brought memories flooding back.

I just wanted to snap a picture to show you how a formal table setting should look.  We don’t do it often…just feels good to when we can. Above the napkin is a fork and then a spoon running the other way.  Also, after looking back at the photo and when you skip a year of setting a table you forget something.  Right?  Place a spoon along the back the coffee cup.  Rest it as the knife is on the other side. That will make the look complete.

My china belonged to my great-grandparents.  They received the set as their wedding gift.  After the passing of my grandfather, the family chose to hold an auction.  The china set was one of the items that my husband had bid on and won for me.

I am grateful to own it.  I receive a beautiful service for 12, tea pot, cream and sugar bowls, coffee cups, platters, fruit bowls, salt and pepper shakers…you name it, I have it.

I wanted to search online one day to see if I could replace one piece that I was told was broken.  This would make my set complete.  It wasn’t until I started my search online that I found out my set was an antique set.  I posted a photo on a website to see if someone could tell me where I could find a cover for my teapot.

The maker was JOHANN HAVILAND BAVARIA GERMANY.  Well, after I posted the pictures, I found out that it was a limited edition and I had a few offers to purchase.  A dealer e-mailed me and told me I would be crazy to sell the set.  I said it wasn’t for sale anyway.  14 years later, I still have the set.  Now it is complete. I have chose to carry on the same tradition as my great-grandparents once did.

For at least one holiday a year I have promised to take the China down, wash it and then set a formal setting for a family dinner.


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