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Markets to Sell & Market Photography In

Selling Photos

Markets to Sell & Market Photography In

At some point you may be considering markets to sell & market photography in.

Personal Use – You take photos to only share with your friends and family. You are using photography as a hobby. You enjoy what you are doing and sharing your love about your hobby. You are enriching your life, learning new photography skills and haven’t thought of selling your work. Even if you are here in this category, there are chances that people are going to ask to purchase or use your images for a variety of different purposes.

You don’t have to have a sales mind intact to enjoy photography, nor do you have to sell it – many people start here.

Fruit Basket

Selling Prints to Customers – You more than likely started photography as a hobby. At some point you felt a comfort level with selling your photography. Maybe, you just wanted to test the waters; maybe someone approached you; either way, you started to sell your works of art. Congratulations. That is a big step. The options are ENDLESS!  Sell them yourself or receive royalties off a company that sells products on your behalf. Personal online website, a variety of companies, craft fairs, sales booths ….  choose something that works best for you. Test the markets.  See where you fit.

Cash Register

Stock Photography – You learned that it takes time to build a portfolio. A good way to build both your portfolio and earn a little money on the side for extra equipment and traveling money is to test the waters in stock photography.

Stock photographers have to have excellent over-all skills to be included in the stock photography business. Every one of your photos goes through a review process.  It may take several years to get good enough to be included as a stock photographer.

Plecks Milk

Test the waters and you will learn even though you are receiving a smaller profit margin for your photos there is potential for you to make a name for yourself here and earn some money. You more than likely will have the same company purchase your photos if they like your style. The same image can be sold over and over again, earning you a little profit. In some cases, a LOT of profit as you build your online portfolio and presence.

For me, it was a fun fact to see some of my images end up in birding magazines and then receive an offer to become part of their birding team years down the road.  Companies look through stock photos to find the people they want. It saves them time having everything in one place.

Licensing Photos – Mostly like stock, except you can place all kinds of limits on what one can and can not do with an image of yours.  Companies and websites license photos to use for a variety of needs. You can use online companies to help you market licensing for your photos or you can market your photos yourself. Licensing photos is big business and can reap you a pretty heavy sale. Ads, magazines, billboards and websites are only a few places your photos could and DO end up 🙂

In this market you can have your stuff out there for years and all of a sudden – it snowballs into profit. The main thing to remember here is time.  It takes time for people to watch you grow.  Companies and bloggers like to use images of people that have a story behind them.  Believe it or not, they like to see the started here and this is where I am.  The backstory of growth and struggles, because they too go through it.

Old Beverage Bottles


I Do Plenty of Licensing for Promoting Tourism, Counties & Products:
Just for example sake my photography is used to promote several counties for tourism in print and on the web. I love to promo counties!  I love to explore! We are always a good fit!

Find that “thing” you love to do and market yourself that way.  If you love doing what you do, it doesn’t seem like work. You just may have to think outside the box to get yourself noticed.

Be Willing to Give Back
You have a talent.  Be willing to share that talent with others.  Artists, bloggers, tourism and a wealth of additional places and people need to be able to use your talent without pay at times.  Be part of your communities without having to make a buck.  Give rights to an artist to paint your photo and sell it.  Allow a photo to be used an engraving pattern or promoting an event.  Allow your creativity to feed their creativity.  It is a lovely thing.  Sometimes you are helping to free up the other person’s time and allowing them to use their talents to help someone else in need.  It is a beautiful circle of life!

Vintage Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Sometimes it is that watermark on a free blog photo that makes someone want to come and check you out.  Be willing to bend on some of your thought processes …. The idea is – you don’t always have to make a buck.  You can make someone smile and enrich their day, and that is worth more than any payment on some of your dark days. 

The Ideas Are Endless For You
Of course, the above are some markets for you to consider placing your photography in. Each person has their own goals, needs and wants. It is your art, so you need to find the place that is right for you, fits your style and you are comfortable with.


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