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Upcycled Jewelry Holders

Here’s the perfect solution for organizing your jewelry.  The ideas are cute to boot and you more than likely have many items around your home.

The first is an earring organizer and it is fairly simple to create.  Take a picture frame of your choice and paint it the way you’d like.  Staple chicken wire to the back and add a hanger.  Your all set to start adding your earrings!

If you would like to make the little flowers on the frame you can dip jute cord into glue and form circle designed flowers.  Design the flowers on wax paper and let them fully dry.  Add the flowers to the frame by gluing them on.

The second project is suitable for necklaces and bracelets.  To create the jewelry organizer gather up assorted handles, hooks and knobs, a picture frame and a piece of peg board that is the same size as the picture frame.
Paint the picture frame any color you wish.  Cut a piece of peg board to fit into the frame.  Apply a small amount of glue on the back side of the picture frame to hold the pegboard inside.  Attached your assortment of knobs, hooks and handles to the peg board with screws.  Attach a sawtooth hanger to the back of your frame and hang it.

Both projects are extremely easy to create, even for those that are not crafty.

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