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Acrylic Paint and Glass Bulb Christmas Ornament (Cheap & Easy – Kids Can Do It)


Acrylic Paint and Glass Bulb Christmas Ornament


I have been making these glass ornaments for years. Both as gifts to give away and also to sell at craft fairs. I found them to be easy projects that my children enjoyed doing.

Personally, I liked the price. Even at full price the bulbs cost $4.99 for 12. I have never personally paid full price. I wait for a half off sale or until the end of the season. Last year, I was able to get 6 boxes at a whopping 25 cents a box.

The acrylic paints we have keep doubling each year. The small amount of paint left over from additional craft projects through the year, find a home with this project.

It is a simple, less than 5 minute per bulb. It is the drying time of 2-3 days that makes the project seem to last longer.

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