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Edit the Commitments in Your Life

Edit the Commitments in Your Life

Edit the Commitments in Your Life

Edit the commitments in your life. Life had become a little overwhelming lately.  It seems as if I have been making too many commitments.  One downfall of mine, is the ability to say the word no.  Taking on more jobs with work, home and friends. Time to edit the commitments in your life, Nikki!

There is a Simple Solution, Right?

We can always make more money, cut things within our budgets and organize our lives, but we never seem to have enough time to complete our own objectives. There is a simple solution, right?

It Isn’t Always Cut and Dry 

You can cut all the time-consuming activities out of your life and re-prioritize but in the end, you still have the same 24 hours of time. Time to cut out everything that’s not necessary, and make a more meaningful story.

I want and NEED to edit my life. I’d like to get my house in order.  I’d like to plant my garden plants.  I’d like to focus on my health. So, I taking an inventory of the commitments in my life is necessary.

Take Inventory of Your Life

Here are some of the commitments I considered:

♦ Work – you have multiple commitments at your jobs. List them all.

♦ Side Work – some of us free-lance, or do additional odd jobs to take in money. More commitments.

♦ Family – we may play a role as husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter. These roles come with many commitments.

♦ Children’s Activities – our kids have soccer, choir, Academic Challenge Bowl, National Junior Honor Society, basketball, spelling bee, and more. Each of their commitments is most likely yours too.

♦ Civic – we may volunteer for different organizations, or be a board member or officer on a non-profit organization. Many of us are very involved with our churches, or are part of a church organization. Or perhaps we are committed to going to service once a week.

♦ Hobbies – perhaps you are a runner or a cyclist, or you build models or are part of a secret underground comic book organization. These come with – surprise! – commitments.

♦ Home – aside from regular family stuff, there’s the stuff you have to do at home. Odd jobs and daily household chores.

♦ Online – we may be a regular on a forum or mailing list, Google group, Facebook or blog. These are online communities that come with commitments too.

You might have other categories. List everything if you too would like to edit your commitments.

Edit the Commitments in Your Life

How Does It Add Value?

 Now take a close look at each thing on the list, and consider:
How does this give my life value?
How important is it to me?
Is it in line with my life priorities and values?
How would it affect my life if I dropped out?
Does this further my life goals?

These Are Tough Questions

I suggest seeing if you can eliminate just one thing — the thing that gives you the least return for your invested time and effort. The thing that’s least in line with your life values and priorities and goals.

Cut it out, at least for a couple weeks, and see if you can get along without it.
Revisit this list at any time and see if you can cut something else out.
Edit mercilessly, keeping only those that really mean something to you.

Dealing With the Guilt

Each time you cut a commitment, it may give you a feeling of guilt, because others want you to keep that commitment.

It’s also a huge relief, not having to do that commitment each day or week or month.

It frees up a lot of your time, and while others may be disappointed, you have to keep what’s important to you in mind, not everyone else.

If we committed to what everyone else wanted all the time, we would never have any time left for ourselves.

Take the Time to Edit Your Commitments, and Your Life Will Be Greatly Simplified. You Will Thank Yourself for It

After a few months, the time has passed, you will be able to catch your breathe again and slow down.

You need to remind yourself that your health, happiness and time is just as important as the next person’s.

Spending your time doing things that give you joy make the world around you a good place to be once again.

You will find that you smile more often and life seems to have a greater purpose without all those commitments.

It Is Time!

What are you waiting for?  Edit the commitments in your life so you too can start living a more meaningful life!  

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