Inspire Yourself

Inspire Yourself

Inspire Yourself

Inspire Yourself

Are You Lost?

Inspire Yourself – I am, lost!  I find myself in a strange place in life.  I’ve always been the person to try to find the positive in life, no matter what hardship was thrown at me. Lately, it has been a little harder to keep that positivity going.

Structure IS Key

For years our lives had to be structured, disciplined and patterned. Structure left less chance for degrees of unpredictability, which could make life more difficult for our family. It is not by choice that I choose to live that way, but rather for a specific need for one member of our family that our lives had evolved to this.

Mom Is Always Last

As far as needs go, I come last on the chain of command in my household. Truthfully, it helps our household run like a well-oiled machine and I couldn’t keep a stable home environment any other way. It is not something I ever wanted people to pity… PITY GETS YOU NOWHERE!  My thought when dealing with day to day life has always been dealing with the current day the best way you can.  I tried.  Really, I did. No matter how hard you try, you will still have regrets. 

Sometimes You Fall Apart Being Strong

When you put yourself on the low end of the spectrum for too many years, you fall apart on the inside. A person needs to be strong; mentally, emotionally and physically in order to deal with all aspects of life. But, even the strong, become weak. 


Even So-Called Super Heros are Not Safe from Danger

You can only be Super Woman for so long before something gives way. In my case, in the Fall of 2012,
 I was diagnosed with a type of thyroid cancer. I had surgery to remove my thyroid and they removed all traces of cancer in my thyroid and lymph nodes. The experience was a brief moment in my life that made me slow down and think about myself and what I wanted for my future.

The life I was given is not one I would have chosen for myself if I had been given the chance to choose. However, I’ve learned that it WAS the life I was given because I possess the qualities desired to deal with tough situations our family was chosen to fight.


Honesty means being truthful. It means not lying and not deceiving another person or yourself. Sometimes the truth hurts and it most certainly comes with a price. If you want to be the best person you can be, then you always tell the truth. In order for me to make it another 20 years on the face of this earth I need to be honest with myself, I need to get healthier, lose weight, find my happiness and lose some of this pent-up stress.

Before Thyroid Surgery

I was doing so darn well before thyroid surgery in my quest to find a healthy me.  Then, well.  Let’s just say, all progress halted because I couldn’t work out until my body was healed and my thyroid medication was ironed out.  That has been an ongoing frustration and regulation.

I’m Back On Track and Ready To Do This

I have the go-ahead to start exercising, it’s only walking.  But, it is a start. 

Can We Support Each Other?

Here is a strange fact: unless I feel I have someone to answer to, I seem to feel like a failure in life.  Someone has counted on me for something in life, ALWAYS.  Today, the tables are turned on me, my children are grown, my husband travels plenty for work and I need people to count on.  I have NEVER been the person to ask anyone for help….THAT is a strange thought for me.  But, here I am asking, can we support each other? Inspire Yourself – Week 1 – done! 



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