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Succulent Planter Ideas and Care

Succulent Planter Ideas and Care

Succulent planter ideas and care instructions to keep your plants thriving.

Succulent plants are some of my favorite plants to add to containers. Succulents are pretty hardy plants that survive outdoors, as well as indoors. Many people believe that the plants can not survive cool weather. Which is untrue.

Succulent Planter Ideas and Care

Light and Temperature

Succulent plants like bright sunlight. After all, they are a desert plant. If housing indoors, a south-facing window makes the perfect home for one.

Succulent Wicker Bowl Planter

As far as temperatures go, they adapt fairly well. Again, remember that they are desert plants where they see extreme differences in temperatures.

Succulent Planter

During the day, the temperature could be anywhere between 70 – 100 degrees. At night, the temperatures drop to 40 degrees.

Cacti Planter

So, housing them outdoors when their is no chance of frost – is perfectly acceptable.

Cute Cacti

Since I do live in Wisconsin. I bring my plants indoors in the late fall and they stay indoors until the temperatures reach 65 degrees daily without the chance of frost at night. This happens around mid to late May.

Shelf With Planting Succulents


I water my plants well and then let the soil dry out in-between waterings. Trying to mimic desert conditions.

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Ceramic Hanging Planter

Succulent Planter
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Succulents in Vintage Containers

I love Jade plants and succulents and have been collecting old tins.  They make excellent planters.

Succulant Planter Idea

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 Glass Containers

Planted in Old Cups and Bowls

I’ve had the green glass container and Fire King hobnail containers for a while and thought it was about time to use them for something. I can’t bring myself to use unflawed Pyrex for planting.

Vintage Wooden Planting Boxes

Vintage Wooden Planter Basket Set

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I chose this mug and bowl to repurpose as planters. Both have chips near the rim.

Add a layer of rocks on the bottom of each dish for air, since there aren’t any drainage holes in these containers. Then soil and more rocks on top for decoration. This help to keep the soil from going everywhere when watering.

Succulent in Garden Trays

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You can pick up clay dishes as my neighbor has at garage sales and make plenty of succulent gardens.

Hoping that this will give you succulent planter ideas and care for your succulents.


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