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This week has been all about team me and my thoughts rambling around inside my head.  I hit 40 in June of last year and said, “Now what?”  What do I want for the rest of my life?  

The question “Now what?” sparked some thoughts and changes I wanted to work on for myself.

Redirection Of Negative Thoughts
Negative thoughts creep in and tear people apart, within themselves and their relationships with the people around them.  You are only as good as you give yourself credit for. If you invite negative feelings into your life daily, that is how you will see the world.  You and only you, have the power to change your thought pattern.

Not Measuring Up is Difficult

My brain was trained from childhood that my body wasn’t perfect. I craved credit for my accomplishments that I never received and I only wanted someone to say good job or that I was worthy of love.

I never received that.  It still hurts today.  Never measuring up is a difficult thing to deal with.  It has taken me 40 years to realize that even though it was a negative part of my life, it is ok.

I learned some valuable life lessons:
♦ Life isn’t fair
♦ I am owed nothing
♦ The world seems to be every man or woman for himself kind of place.

How To Turn A Negative Into A Positive

Think Differently:

Turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts is difficult.  You need to train yourself to “think” differently.  When someone is speaking to you, don’t take everything as an insult.  They may be trying to help you by giving you a different way to look at your situation. If we stop and give ourselves time to process, instead of reacting immediately we might find the information helpful.

Redirect Negative Thoughts
Instead of dwelling on the things you do not like about a situation, try to find the positives.

♦ Turn the I hate the shape of my body into – I love my eye color and my personality.

♦ I am so upset that so and so had the nerve to say that about me into – I am thankful that so and so feels comfortable enough with our relationship to share this information about me.

♦ I can’t run a mile; into – I can’t run a mile but I can walk 10 miles.

Is there something positive I can take from this message? 

Redirection of a negative into a positive thought will make you feel better.  It will build you up instead of tearing you down.

Positive Inspiration For Your Fridge.

Positive Inspiration For Your Fridge.

Importance of a Schedule
I find life seems to run smoother when it runs on a schedule.

Going to bed at around the same time each night and waking up at around the same time each morning seems to keep my internal clock running well.  It allows me to handle stress better and gives me additional patience that I would not have if I am lacking proper rest.

Time Management
If I try to stick with a daily routine schedule I accomplish more during a day.  It is not always about accomplishing more in a day for me, it just gives me more time to do the things I like to do because everything on my to-do list is completed.

No More Missed Appointments
Keeping a reminder calendar for my time management helps to save both my time and money.  I receive a reminder by computer and phone to be sure I remember upcoming appointments.  No more missed appointment fees and I group my errands around appointment times to maximize my time and gas money.

Being Organized Means More Time To Take Care of My Needs

You say what time?  Yes, everyone has time for themselves.  You make time by organizing your time.  You do have time.  Everyone does.

♦ You have 10-15 minutes waiting for a doctor.  Use that time to check and reply to e-mails, make an additional appointment or read.

If you have a baby, use nap time to take a bath, chat with a friend on the phone or complete an in-home fitness DVD.

When you start organizing your tasks you find the time you didn’t know you had.

If you are still having issues finding the time, read edit the commitments in your life. You NEED to find yourself some time.

Reducing Stress
Practice some of the strategies above and start taking control of your life.  Re-train your brain and your body to complete different scheduled routines – the result is a happier you.  GO TEAM ME

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