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In the End All You Have is Yourself

In the End All You Have is Yourself

I had a discussion with one of my children who is very hard on themselves. That child is their own largest critic.

The result of our conversation is this child could have a big future if they would stop focusing on the big picture and concentrate on breaking everything down into the small steps toward achieving the goal.

In the End All You Have is Yourself

You Shouldn’t Have To Struggle?

Halfway through the conversation, I realized society, in general, has the assumption things should be easy. They shouldn’t have to struggle. Things should be given to them or they should have the same as the next person.

Success or Failure is On Your Shoulders

It wasn’t for our European ancestorsThey had nothing when they came to America. They brought trunks and what they were able to pack into those trunks. That is what they had.  There was no government to give them housing, food or clothing. Their failures and success were on their shoulders.


Think you have it hard? Pack a suitcase and that is all you have to live out of.  Now clear land, make a home and find food.

No Such Thing as an 8 Hour Day

People didn’t wake up at 8am and work until 5pm.  They worked sunup to sundown. Then would eat, wash up and sleep.  The next day the same pattern.  Until they had completed the job.

It wasn’t an 8 hour work day.  They worked long, hard hours.

You can work longer hours today by taking a second job, or working additional to the 8 hours to achieve what you want. Go to school and further you. There is nobody stopping you.

No Comparison Then to Today

I am told we can’t make an even comparison of our lives today to theirs.  Yep, that is true.  We can’t make an even comparison.  In my humble thoughts, we have it much better. They paved our way.

They tackled their problems in steps and took responsibility for their actions. Just as we have to tackle the problems we face in steps. Make choices, put in the work and face what we get out of the choices.

The person that works 12 hours days is going to learn more, make more money and take more knowledge from the day. They are working today, for a better tomorrow.

Prioritize and Then Re-prioritize

How did our ancestors they do it?  Prioritizing.  What was most important to what is least important. Sometimes they had to reprioritize according to weather, tools they had, and additional issues.

Even though we have new technologies and a whole lot more knowledge and personal wealth, we have “other” issues that face us today.

You Must Be the Driving Force

People have to realize that in the end they only have themselves to blame for their success’, failures and leaps of faith. You can’t sit back and watch everything pass you by in life. You must be the driving force to succeed. Nobody can do it for you.


The harder you work. The more you work. The smarter you work. The more you will receive.

If you are always afraid of doing the WRONG thing, you will not do anything. You can’t step forward and learn to grow, without taking a chance or risk. Chance and risk are how you grow.  Learning from mistakes, failures and successes.


If you fail, dust yourself off. Admit you had a moment of weakness, admit to yourself it is ok. Ask yourself what did you learn?  Take that knowledge and take it into the next phase.


Life is a Work in Progress

Living is a journey, not a destination. Quit dreaming about your “it” and wake up one morning with the goals to complete your “it”.  Life is a work in progress. You will achieve and maintain success by going toward it. For only you, and you alone, are responsible for our own success’ and failures.

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