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11 Birds that Eat Oranges

11 Birds That Eat Oranges

Birdy, birdy here’s a sweet treat.

Sure to make you tweet! Tweet! Tweet!
11 birds that eat oranges!


11 United State Birds that Enjoy Eating Oranges:

I divided the birds into Eastern and Western birds.  This will help you locate your area and see which types of birds you should be looking for.

Solutions to Feed Oranges to Your Birds:

Suet Feeder Filled With Orange Halves

1.) Nail a nail to a post, bird feeder or deck rail. Spear the orange onto the nail.
2.) Spear the orange halves onto tree branches.
3.) Place the orange halves into a suet brick holder.


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Eastern Birds

1.) Baltimore Orioles


Baltimore Oriole on a Tree Branch


2.) Brown Thrashers

Brown Thrasher Bird

3.) Gray Catbirds 

Grey Catbird - This species is named for its cat-like call. Like many members of the Mimidae (most famously mockingbirds), it also mimics the songs of other birds, as well as those of Hylidae (tree frogs), and even mechanical sounds. Because of its well-developed songbird syrinx, it is able to make two sounds at the same time. The alarm call resembles the quiet calls of a male mallard. The catbird makes a terrible sounding scream when you are close. They scare the crud out of me.


4.) Orchard Orioles 

Orchard Oriole Enjoying an Orange

5.) Rose-breasted Grosbeaks



Rose-breasted Grosbeak.


6.) Red-bellied Woodpeckers

Red Bellied Woodpecker - Doing what they do best creating holes.

7.) Scarlet Tanagers


Scarlet Tangers


8.) Northern Mockingbirds

Northern Mockingbird

Western Birds

9.) Bullock’s Orioles 

Bullock’s Oriole

10.) Hooded Orioles

Hooded Oriole

Gray Catbirds (counted above but is both eastern & western)

Grey Cat Bird

11.) Western Tanagers


Western Tanagers

Quick Pinable Reference to Look Back At:

11 Birds That Eat Oranges at Your Feeder


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Happy Birding!

Until next time friends.  Take care!

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