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Gadget that is Making My Life Easier

Gadget that is Making My Life Easier - Pressure Cooker XL

The Gadget that is Making My Life Easier

Sometimes I laugh at the gadgets my husband buys and then SOMETIMES, I don’t. After two months using the Power Pressure Cooker XL – I am impressed.

Life Got a Whole Lot Easier

You can literally have ribs on the table in under an hour and they fall off the bone. Make hard boiled eggs in minutes. Tender chicken breasts for wraps all week… E-A-S-Y solution for quick and painless dinners.

Only the second gadget my husband has ever purchased that I said I wasn’t going to use.  The first? Drum roll please….a computer.  Well, now!  I should know better,  Never say never.


Meal Prepping Made Easy

Bulk Chicken Breasts
Wraps, wraps and more wraps! Summer is coming and I don’t know about you, but I need quick and fast ideas. Too many other things we can be enjoying in life than slaving over a hot stove.

Chicken in Pressure Cooker

A simple solution for me was to cook bulk chicken breasts on Sunday in the XL and then choose one of the wrap ideas off this Pinterest board for dinner all week. Life is simple if we have people coming and going.

Bulk Potatoes

An easy add on or stand alone meal is potatoes. Make potatoes in your pressure cooker.

Potatoes in Pressure Cooker

Fill the pot with two cups of water. Fork the potatoes and set the potatoes on rack. Pressure cook for 8 -10 minutes. Release pressure using the quick release method.

You can reheat the potatoes during the week for add ons to meals. For lunch, have loaded baked potatoes or use them daughter’s favorite way. My daughter likes to place butter in a cast iron pan, slice the potatoes up with onion and fry them.

Breakfast is Quick and Easy Too

Hardboiled Eggs

We have been making hard boiled eggs and steel cut oatmeal in large batches.  The large batches last for the week.

Hard Boiled Eggs in Pressure Cooker

I used the guide here to try my first attempt at hard boiled eggs in the pressure cooker. 14 minutes was perfect for me.

Hard Boiled Eggs in Pressure Cooker

I thought they were going to explode and I would have a mess to clean up. Nope! All was well.

Want to make your life easier?  You don’t have to purchase the gadget that is making my life easier.  Any of the electric pressure cookers work basically the same way.

Now, I just have to get cracking and find additional recipes and that is no yoke.  Yep, I just did that…enjoy your weekend!

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