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I Do Not Play Well With Others

I Don't play well with others

Why I Get Told I Do Not Play Well With Others

I get told many times a week I do not play well with others from other bloggers.  Want to know why?  Read on.

My Issue

I spend time and energy photographing images, locating & sorting photos, time making the images even prettier using software, writing what I believe to be excellent, original content and learning new concepts to bring traffic to my website to see my stuff and interact with me.

Along comes another blogger and decides to do what is called a round up of excellent content and includes one of my images on their site without contacting me. IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE ROUND PEOPLE READ ON FOR SURE!


If you head over to this post titled How to Get Hummingbirds to Nest By You and read the content and look at those beautiful pictures.  It took me hours and hours to photograph the images, write the information and time and talent learning the ropes to create those beautiful pinnable images for everyone to enjoy and read.

I make a point of trying to give my visitors excellent information, visual appealing images and I am the CONTENT writer.  I am not doing a blog roundups.


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Now a Round Up Person Likes This Image

Whoa, this site is getting a lot of buzz on this post because this image has been pinned over 12,000 times. Cool, I want to include it on my site in a round up.


How to Make Hummingbird Sugar Water

They steal the image, upload it to their site and pin the image off their site. They just say here is a hummingbird recipe for ya!, Enjoy! Not giving credit to the website address that it came from.  Some might but NEVER asked to use an image! 

Now don’t pin the image above to Pinterest because it will come to THIS page and NOT the hummingbird page.  That tells you a little what gets my goat.


Why Do You HATE Blog Roundups

I don’t use the word hate very often in my life, but I HATE blog rounds ups. Many people do them wrong. Not ALL but the vast majority do.

What They DO:

1.) First of all, they do not ask to use an image.  They download the image from a site and upload the image to their own site.

People, that is infringing on copyright by stealing an image without permission to use it. A person can get sued over that act. You can provide a website link but never take someone’s image without consent.

2.)  That image they stole and placed on their website —> People visiting their site believe the image belongs to THAT site.  They pin that image, and the image will get a link back to their website.  Bypassing ME.

3.) Google images spools that stolen image into their database and people basspass my site again because the traffic goes to the stealers site.  They end up outranking the sites that created the content in many circumstances.  Because, we all would like to go to one site to have 25 cool ideas to do this….  INSTEAD of 1 idea, right?

Why Does One Do This

1.) Maybe they don’t know any better.  They think it is ok?  Maybe they know that creating what people like is the way to get traffic?  Maybe they are lazy?  Maybe they thought you were cool?  Heck, I don’t know every reason.  But it is happening.

There are Some Sites That Do It Right!

Are there some sites that do it correctly?  Yes!  Is there a purpose for this process? OH, YES!!  Those are give and take relationships.  They are BONDS between sites and bloggers that have formed. They are HELPING each other.

I just know for me, and this site, and every additional site I have owned, that the sites that are doing it WRONG far outnumber the sites doing it RIGHT.

Why Should A Website Owner Even Care?

1.) Most are stealing your work, your images and YOUR traffic.

2.) If you are NOT a blogger and you are reading this,  let me tell you a little secret on why I believe they are doing it. They love an image and know people love it to.  They decide to steal it for their page because it brings traffic to them.

When PEOPLE go to a site and click on any ads – many do not tell you that they are making a buck off you.  I DO TELL YOU.

I have those little notices everywhere because I want you to know you are supporting my blogging habits….if a blogger provides value, give them a bone for their time and web hosting fees and if you are ordering from Amazon, a blogger will get a small amount —-> but it costs you nothing to support us. The companies pay us the fee and that fee is not passed onto a customer.   Honesty, is always the best policy you never want anyone to feel cheated. We all work hard and play hard in this life – Stepping on someone else to get you where you want to be is wrong!

So, IMHO they are stealing my images to make you come to their site so they can make a buck off both of us.  JERKS!
(Again, NOT all but most)

I Do Not Play Well With Others

This is why I am told time and time again, I don’t play well with others.  There are cases when I do open up an image to other bloggers but we need a give and take relationship.  But, if we didn’t talk and you are using my image, I’m going to contact Pinterest.  I’m going to contact your website domain host.  I’m NOT going to play well with others because YOU didn’t play well with ME.  That is just a fact.

What If You Are Doing The Above Practice

1.) I’d say to stop right now.  Admit you didn’t know you were wrong.  Ask to form a bond, see if you can make it right.

Otherwise, create your own image.  Google Images are NOT fair use 98% are copyright images.  Try typing in “creative commons photos” into you search bar.  Be sure to visit the image on the site.  If the site states you can use the image through a creative commons license—> FOLLOW the RULES they provide.

2.) If you break the rules and use copyright images and information and the person on the other end is nice, you will get a cordial warning to remove an image.  That notice will come with a remove by date.  If you don’t remove the image then 1 of three things can happen.

A,) An image owner can contact your domain provider to have the entire post deleted and enough times of this happening you could lose your domain.

B.) You could get a letter in the mail from a lawyer demanding payment for the usage of an image. OR, you could get a different letter for image fee and loss of income and traffic. The owner and mailing address of each and every site has to be provided if you ask a domain provider.  AND yes, people lose in court all the time over this. You have been warned.

C.) They can report you on Pinterest. Enough black marks against you on Pinterest will shut your account down.  You should be pinning an image from the site you found it on, not copying it and placing it on your site.  Unless you have permission to use an image differently.

D.) If the person is REALLY angry, they could sock it to you on all avenues.

Guessing, it all depends on how many times something is happening and how well one plays with others that are not following laws and rules, huh?

Note: There are some laws and guidelines for educational purposes that have not been mentioned within this article.  For educational purposes you will need to  follow a different set of rules. But, the rules are the same for grabbing an image and posting it to your website.

By the Way

I’m playing nice today!! Notice that there is NO watermark on the title photo I Don’t Play Well With Others.  I WANT YOU to spread the word.  Write your own creative post, feel free to use the image for your blog —-> this IS an important fact of the internet.

Oh, and yes; and if you too can relate to the fact you also don’t play well with others in some facet of your life – you are welcome to grab a copy. lol

Happy bloggin’ to you!

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