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Never Ending Fabric Dryer Softener Sheets

Never Ending Fabric Sheets

Make these never ending fabric dryer softener sheets and have soft, static free clothing that smells amazing.

never ending fabric dryer softner sheets

Items Needed:

4 sponges cut in half
1 Container with an airtight lid
1 cup of liquid fabric softener
1 cup water


1.) Mix water and fabric softener in a plastic container.

2.) Soak the cut sponges in liquid. Place cover on the container.

3.) When ready to use, squeeze the excess liquid from 1 sponge and place wet sponge into the dryer with wet clothing. Run dryer cycle like normal.

4.) Once dryer cycle is complete, place dry sponge back into the container of liquid for next time. Replace cover on sponge container.


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