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Smores – Easy, Peasy, Simple Way to Make Them

My daughter has been experimenting making S’mores lately. Did I just hear you say what are S’mores? Believe me, after this weekend I know there are people that have never tried one. She came up with this smores easy, peasy, simple way to make them.

Smores - Easy, Peasy, Simple Way to Make Them

Typically, S’mores are made by toasting a marshmallow over an open campfire using a stick. To assemble you lay down a square or two of Hershey’s Chocolate Bar on a graham cracker, placing the toasted marshmallow down and topping the ooey, gooey, goodness with another graham cracker. Making a deliciously sweet, sandwich.


What could be better? Right?  Ah, the way my daughter makes them is simple!  We like the fact we do not have to unwrap all the chocolate bars and can set up a large tray for the children and adults before they arrive.

Pick out your favorite chocolate cookie. We have used everything from Girl Scout Cookies to chocolate chip cookies. Anything and everything with chocolate. Just toast your marshmallow and squish it between two cookies. Yummy.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Smores

We know how this campfire dessert received it’s name. The children are always asking can we have S’more.

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