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How to Make Margarita Slush For A Party

Margaritas in a Bucket - Ever tried the difficult task of making margaritas for a group? Here is how I make margarita slush for a party.
Ever tried the difficult task of making margaritas for a group?  Here is how I make margarita slush for a party.




Make this lemon lime, ice cream pail frozen drink up a few days before your party. Then, the day of the party scoop and fill.


12 oz frozen lemon lime
6 oz tequila
4 oz triple sec
3 cans water
1 gallon ice cream pail and lid
Sour or 7-UP soda
Coarse margarita salt 

Directions To Make Frozen Mix:
1.) Remove the frozen lemon lime juice container from the freezer and allow to thaw for 15 minutes.
2.) Add frozen lemon lime juice, tequila, triple sec and water to the 1 gallon ice cream pail.
3.) Mix all the ingredients in ice cream pail thoroughly.
4.) Place cover of the ice cream pail on the container and place it in the freezer to freeze hard.
To Serve:

1.) When you are ready to make drinks, remove the ice cream pail from the freezer.
2.) Moisten the rim of the margarita glass with a lime slice.
3.) Dip the glass into coarse margarita salt to coat the rim.
4.) Using an ice cream scooper, scoop 3/4 of a glass full of the frozen mixture.
5.) Add 1/4 cup of 7-UP or sour soda to the mixture.
6.) Mix briefly.


1.) Mixture can re-freeze.
2.) Mixture keeps for up to two months when tightly covered in the freezer.
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