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Collection of images of old tins, signs, advertising Americana that feature early artwork. – the memorabilia and marketing that made some companies flourish and others fail.

Americana encompasses not only material objects but concepts and historical eras which are popularly identified with American culture. The objects advertise and carry symbols associated with the culture and history of America during certain eras.

For we know that the culture of America is always growing and changing. Concepts, wording, and graphics that were once used in the past, would certainly NOT be acceptable in today’s ever-changing world.

Vintage Glassware

9440542446_c6213fee4d_o (1).jpg

Vintage hobo one for the road & lady A pick-up shot glasses. From the 1880s until World War One, you may find some contemporary hobo, railroad, and homeless terms as well mixed into periodic advertising. The second glass depicts the red light district.

More To See

A note for people that have contacted me in the past about something they found offensive, I have removed most of the images. But, I decided something when I republished this post. It is history. It happened. We can’t rewrite the wrongs. We can only do better. Period! So, if YOU find something offensive from this day forward as items get added, keep scrolling. Just sayin’.

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