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How to Deep Fry a Turkey

How to Deep Fry a Turkey

If you haven’t enjoyed a deep fried turkey as of yet, I urge you to try it this year for Thanksgiving. Deep frying provides a crispy outside skin and super juicy meat on the inside AND no, it is not greasy. Read on how to deep fry a turkey.

12 pound turkey (Need more? Make an additional turkey)
3 gallons of oil (Corn, peanut or canola oils)
40 or 60 quart pot with basket or frying hardware
Propane gas tank and burner
Deep fry thermometer with a side clip
Meat thermometer
Fire extinguisher
Heavy duty pot holders

Preparing the Outdoor Setup
Yes, it is important to fry your turkey outdoors. Find your fryer a level grassy or soil surface. Do not fry on top of a deck, due to its flammability. We learned a valuable lesson a few years back it is impossible to get the oil off your concrete walkways. So, they should be avoided.

Measuring Your Oil

This is the most important part of frying your turkey. Have you watched the YouTube videos online where people overestimate the oil needed? Please do not be one of them.

Place your turkey in the basket or on your hanger. Lower the turkey into the cooking pot. Fill the pot with water to about 2 inches above the turkey. Remove the turkey and the basket or hanger. Measure the amount of water that is inside the pot. This will become the amount of oil needed to cook your turkey. Empty the water and completely dry your pot. Fill oil to the amount you just measured out for water.


Turkey Fryer

Warming Your Oil
Clip your deep-fry thermometer to the inside lip of your pot to keep track of the oil temperature. Heat oil to between 325 degrees F and 340 degrees F but do not go over 350 degrees F. It will take about 30 minutes to heat your oil to the correct temperature. Do not leave oil unattended and please be sure to have a fire extinguisher handy just in case.

Preparing the Turkey
Wash and pat you bird with paper toweling to dry.
You can inject the turkey with marinade if you wish by injecting it directly into the meat of the turkey 30-40 minutes before cooking. It is not necessary; we have juice turkeys even without using a marinade.

If you would like to rub your turkey inside and out with any spices you can do that now.

Be sure that there is at least a 2-inch hole in the neck of the bird. If not, widen the hole.

Cooking Your Bird
Once your oil is between 325 degrees F and 340 degrees F, place your turkey neck first into the basket. Slowly lower the basket into the oil. Maintain this cooking temperate and cook the turkey for 3-3-1/2 minutes per pound. If you are cooking a 12-pound bird, check internal temperature using the method below in 40 minutes. If your turkey is not at the correct temperate leave it in for a few more minutes. Carefully watch the internal temperature.

How to Deep Fry a Turkey

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Checking Internal Temperature
Use heavy duty pot holders; carefully and slowly pull up the basket to drain the hot oil. Insert your meat thermometer into breast it should read 180 degrees F and the thickest portion of the thigh 175 degrees F. If your temperatures are correct finish draining and place it on a platter.


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