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Scented Orange Pomander Balls

Orange pomander balls are a fun craft to make at Christmas time to help keep your home smelling wonderful for up to a year.

The crafting project is simple enough for preschool children and older. If supervised because of the sharp nail.

Younger children can still complete the project with the help of an adult to help to place the nail holes.

Truth be told.  As an adult, this is an excellent way to pass an afternoon.

Orange Pomander Air Fresheners


Whole Cloves
Rubber bands
Orris Root Powder


1.) Place rubber bands around your orange (can use grapefruit too), this will serve as a guide to keep your rows straight when places your cloves in your orange.

2.) Using any size nail to poke holes at even intervals in your orange using the rubber band edge as your guide. Insert one whole clove into each nail hole. The rubber bands will be removed after all cloves have been placed.

3.) Continue poking holes and inserting cloves around the rubber band edges. Once the cloves are all inserted, carefully remove the rubber bands.

4.) There are two ways I have found to preserve the pomanders. One is the shake them in a bag of-Orris Root Powderbefore displaying. The second, is to store them in the refrigerator for a week to dry them out a bit before placing them in a bowl. At this point you may ask what would happen if you didn’t dry them out and left them just sit out. Plain and simply, many times they mold. Mold will start on the bottom and consume the entire fruit. If you just wanted them for decor for Christmas, feel free to take your chances.

5.) For displaying purposes, I like to display them in bowls. However, you can glue ribbon around the pomanders and hang them in closets, cupboards, windows and rooms. They make excellent room air fresheners.


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