Sugar Scrub Cubes

These single use body sugar scrub cubes are extremely easy to make and are just what the doctor ordered to get rid of my dry patches of winter skin. while the glycerin adds the right touch of moisturizer back into my skin.

Sugar Scrub Cubes - Bath and Body Recipe

This recipe makes approximately 24 single use sugar scrubs.


**Please not for all weights below you will need to weigh out the materials using a kitchen scale.**

4 oz. clear glycerin soap
6 oz. grape seed oil, jojoba, sweet almond or olive oil.
18 oz. of regular white sugar
Basic square soap mold
soap coloring
Blunt edge soap cutter or knife
2-cup glass measuring cup
Cutting board
Wide mouth jars
fragrance oil


1.) Measure out 2 ounces of clear glycerin soap by weight using your kitchen scale.

2.) Place the 2 ounce of glycerin soap into the 2-cup glass measuring cup and microwave for about 30 seconds.  The soap will be melted.  Keep an eye on it because microwaves vary.

3.) Measure out 2 oz, of the grape seed oil, jojoba, sweet almond or olive oil (chose one) and mix it with the melted soap directly in the glass measuring cup.  Stir until well blended.  If at any point the mix thickens before the two have been mixed together, place the glass measuring cup back into the microwave and warm for a few seconds.

4.) Add your soap coloring.  Add as much as you want to obtain the color of choice,  Mix well.

5.) Add fragrance oil (I like to add 15-20 drops).  Mix well. Heat up mixture if it hardens.

6.) Measure out 6 oz. of white sugar on a kitchen scale and add it to the measuring cup.  Blend well.

7.) Spoon or pour the mixture into square soap mold cavities.  The mixture should be thick but pourable. Again, you can always heat it back up for a few seconds if it is to hard.  You just don’t want to leave it to long so that your sugar dissolves. Depending on the mold you purchase the mixture should fill 2-4 soap mold cavities. You might have to smooth out the top of the molds using a rubber spatula. When pouring, the mixture starts to thicken quickly.

8.) Let sit at room temperature to harden.  The soap will pop out when the mold is inverted when hardened.

9.) Cut the square into fourths using a knife.

10.) Store the body scrub cubes in an airtight, wide mouth jar or plastic container with lid. Otherwise, if they come in contact with moisture, they will melt.  They keep for 3 months.



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