Munising Michigan Frozen Falls

Munising Michigan Frozen Falls

Let the weekend traveling commence.  I needed to get away for a weekend and just be one with nature. I had heard that the Apostle Ice Caves were set to open this past weekend and I tried to gear myself up to take on the adventure. I only got as far as Munising Michigan Frozen Falls.

How Did I End Up Here?

I have a fear.  A HUGE FEAR of walking on frozen ice.  In my life, I don’t fear much.  Snakes, mice, and frozen water.  So, what is a girl to do when she really wants to get to the Apostle Islands?  Of, course, she chickens out.

Reset GPS New Location

My daughter and I started out with Bayfield, WI as the destination set in the GPS.  At the gas station, while I was putting gas in my car I was shaking just thinking about the long hike on the ice.  So, when I got back in the car, I changed my destination point. Marquette, MI was my new point of destination.  Thinking of a few shots of lighthouses and the shoreline.

A Gas Station Stop Places of Interest – We Are HERE

We didn’t get that far.  On the way to Marquette, we stopped off in Munising, Michigan for a bathroom stop and drink.  I have a habit of looking at the GPS points of interest for the area.  Oh, waterfalls!  We grabbed our snow gear and headed out in search of the frozen falls.

Munising Falls Frozen Over - Munising, Michigan

Munising Falls

Munising Michigan Frozen Falls was the first location we hiked to.  A very short hike. Beautiful!  You can get up on top of the falls and also along the bottom.  The hike up is steep and slippery but we brought our snowshoe poles and used them to dig into the snow and ice.  The view of the sandstone cliffs and the sweet little hideouts in them are enough to keep you going.

Google Map Location

Walking along the ice slopes trying to get behind the Munising Falls waterfall.

The Fun Way Down

Getting down the falls was a whole lot easier than climbing to the top. We decided to use our snowshoe poles to give us a little push on the way down.  We slid the whole way down on our butts in 2 minutes flat.

Kinda reminded me of the water slides in Wisconsin Dells. Quick. With plenty of smiling and laughing and yahoo-ing going on.

Munising Falls Michigan

Sand Point Pit Stop

On the way back to town we noticed a sign for Sand Point.  To me, any road that ends with “point” is worth checking out. Plus, the sun was still setting and it was the prime time to snap a sunset picture.  Once we arrived, my thoughts shifted from the picture I wanted to take, to finding out what exactly I was looking at across the Lake.

Lighthouse on Grand Island in Michigan

Now We Are Talking This is Why I Am Here

Looking across the Lake Superior channel of ice you could see an island. On the Island was a lighthouse. The entire shoreline was covered in what appeared to be magical green and blue spikes of kryptonite. Now that deserves attention.

In the distance, there was a gentleman with his dog and he was walking back off the ice at a different location.  As he was putting away his gear, I asked him a few questions.  At this time, he was the only person that we had seen come off the ice.

Grand Island Michigan Ice Curtains

Not Allowed to Say the Ice is Safe Ever

The gentleman we spoke to was from just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Also on vacation. He had spoken with the park office earlier in the afternoon,  The park office did say they had seen a few people cross but are not allowed to say that the ice is ever safe.  If he did cross, to stay away from the lighthouse shore because the currents are different in that area.

My Chicago friend pointed out his path and told me if we crossed tomorrow, that was the only pathway he would recommend because he took it.

Time to Find Us a Place to Rest Our Heads

Ok, on to find a motel.  Well, that is a little harder to find let me tell you. Snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing are winter sports that book the small motels up. You take whatever is open. And, we did.

Help!  I’m Stuck in The Fifties!

We found a small place that gave us a great laugh, almost like we were stuck in the ’50s. The room was clean and the beds were comfy.

50's style motel room.

We didn’t have any electrical outlets in the main room and the one we did have was located in the bathroom, high up on the light.  The lights in the bathroom had to stay on to charge our electronics. Thank goodness Apple products have long cords – bless their hearts for that.

Tube Lights must stay on to charge. Only outlets in room.

Thanks for tagging along on our visit to Munising Michigan Frozen Falls to explore. Good night! Until tomorrow, Grand Island Ice Caves it is! 

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Until next time friends.  Take care!

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