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Handy Guide to Portion Control

Handy Guide To Portion Control

Handy Guide to Portion Control

We can’t always pull out a full set of measuring spoons and cups to gauge our portions, which in my humble opinion is important to do in the early stages of re-training your brain to eat correctly.  We all have our hands and they can be a handy guide to portion control.

Retraining My Eyes to See Correctly

As you might know by now I am re-shaping my body through exercise and re-training my brain to eat correctly.  It has to be a coordinated effort in order to maintain all my hard work. Besides choosing the correct foods to eat I also have to be aware of the portions I am using.

I wasn’t aware that my 1/2 cup, eyeballed portions were generously large until I started to measure out my food.

Portion Control Using Your Hands:
1 Cup = About a fist size

1 Teaspoon = First joint in thumb to tip
1 Tablespoon = Whole thumb from bottom joint to tip
Cupped Hand = About a half a cup
Palm of Hand = Middle section is 3 oz of meat both size and thickness

Handy Guide to Portion Control


The next time you are without your measuring tools, remember to use this handy guide to portion control. It will help you to visualize your portions with ease.

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