Mother Earth Children Art Prints

Mother Earth Children Art Prints

10 Mother Earth Children art prints – soft vintage prints. The Mother Earth Children prints are centered around vegetables and fruits that flourish with the help of Mother Nature.

Mother Earth Collection - 10 Different Prints

The Mother Earth Children Collection Includes:

  • Soft vintage prints that have been digitally remastered
  • An economical option that delivers sharp, clean images with stunning color and vibrancy.
    #1 Madam Muskmelon Poster

    Madam Muskmelon and all her little kiddos. Be careful not to step on all those little blossoms under your feet.
    #2  Blackberry Children Poster
    The blackberry children love to run and play beneath the August sun until each little maid and man takes on a friendly coat of tan.
#3 Miss Beechnut Poster

Miss Beechnut wears a pretty bonnet with little fuzzy feathers on it. She’s very sweet and always good; Her home is in the deep, Wildwood.

#4 Little Miss Caraway Poster

Little Miss Caraway dances the day away surrounded by the vines of caraway.

#5 Little Ms. Persimmon Poster

PERSIMMON said: I’m up so high I can reach out and touch the sky. Brer Possum said: Don’t reach too far, You might put out a shining star.

#6 Little Miss Cauliflower Poster

Little Miss Cauliflower plays shy to the heat of summer but welcomes the cool and crisp winds of fall and blue sky. 

#7 Peas in a Pod Poster

The entire gang of peas in a pod pulling together to weather whatever the day has in store.

#8 Miss Brussels Sprout Poster

#9 Lady Pomegranate Poster

Lady Pomegranate Poster. A FOREIGN lady of renown-Pomegranate in her crimson gown, Smiling and nodding as she goes, Looks like an Oriental rose.

#10 Mrs. Wheat Poster

Mrs. Wheat poster print. I WORK, said Mrs. Wheat, To give the world enough to eat; I’m always happy when there’s enough bread, so every child is fed.

Additional designs in the Little Mother Earth Collections also available in my  Zazzle Store.