Best Friends Coffee Mug

Best Friends Coffee Mug

Two-sided coffee mug.  On one half is a daisy that I photographed after a hard rain. The opposite side of the mug has the saying “A good friend knows all your best stories.  A best friend has done them with you.”  Pretty sure, you can understand why I chose to include that saying all on your own 🙂

About the Design:

For me, my best friend makes the storms in life a little easier to bear, and that SAME best friend allows me to see the beauty after a storm has passed.  The little drops of rain and strong vivid colors, are beautiful after effects left behind from the storm you weathered.

Best Friends Coffee Mug

I used the daisy to signify the chance for new beginnings after each storm has passed.  There is beauty after a storm and weathering any storm in life gives you a chance to grow and strengthen your inner core.

In order to weather that storm you need a strong support system, a best friend provides you with a strong root system and reinforces your stem to allow you to weather storms and bounce back.


A special thank you to my bestie, Tammy – you have weathered some extremely large storms with me.  I LOVE you for providing me with a strong root system and fall back stem when mine wasn’t enough to hold me up!

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