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Outhouse Photography

Outhouse Photography

I’ve never met one that I haven’t photographed.  Outhouse photography gives you a look inside old outhouses. 

Outhouses are still found throughout Wisconsin.  Many are located in country areas with heavy tree cover or in areas that have cottages around lakes.

Look Inside - A look inside an old outhouse. Photography prints available to purchase.

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Some have been kept up and are still in use.  Others, have went into disrepair.

I have visited one on several occasions at my great grandparents land and at my husband’s family cottage. Even today, at the guys hunting land.

Additional Outhouse Photography Prints:
Moon and Stars Outhouse
Old Outhouse 
Moss Covered Outhouse
Out of Order

It is getting tougher to find them now. Outhouse photography may soon be a thing of the past.  Sadly.

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