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Scouty Rowdy Pumpkin Pie

Scouty Rowdy Pumpkin Pie White Lab

Over the winter I had the chance to raise another pup.  Meet Scouty Rowdy Pumpkin Pie, the pup I wanted my husband to return.

The summer of 2013 my husband was ready for another lab.  Me, not so much. My husband begged and pleaded but I wasn’t budging.  We had lost our yellow lab named Champ the previous summer due, to an illness.

We had spent over $1000.00 running tests on Champ to find nothing wrong, as far as blood tests were concerned.  On Father’s Day of 2012, my husband and son brought Champ in to put him to sleep. He had suffered for two days.  It was heart-wrenching, and I couldn’t bear to go along.

Apparently, November 2013 my husband was ready to take the puppy plunge. The night before he was set to go deer hunting for a week with his buddies, he came home with a puppy. He dropped the puppy off and left for the entire week.

Scout as Pup

Meet Scout…

At first, I wasn’t extremely happy that my husband dropped off this little guy and left.  He knew I was undecided as to if I even wanted to raise another pup.  In my lifetime, I had raised four and we have a cocker spaniel that is always attached to my hip already.

Greg decided to get the little guy and force me to bond with him while he was gone.  What is a girl to do?  I love animals and this guy was helpless.

So, bonding it was.

Scout on Computer

It wasn’t hard to love him. By the time Greg was home, Scout was potty trained and went EVERYWHERE with me.

This dog is always a barrel of laughs.  His little quirks since the first day…made me laugh so hard I cried at times. He has NO patience.

Scout on Patio Window

As the year went on, he became my faithful companion for walking trails. All summer I took him along the rivers and creeks where he kicks up birds and takes a refreshing dip in the water.

Labrador Following the River

Since the first week, we had him, I have nicknamed him Scouty Rowdy Pumpkin Pie. I do get some smiles and giggles when yelling his name on my walking paths if he ventures too far.

He enjoyed boat rides this summer.

Scout Watching Sunset

We always made a pit stop at a beach to play fetch for him. 

Yes, labs swim and they swim well. Scout’s life jacket is always on when we bring him out to the island to play fetch by boat.

If you have ever tried to fish a 100-pound dog out of the water you would understand that the handle on the life jacket does come in handy.

Scout Playing Fetch

Then winter set in.  In the winter it is tough to get into the set of trails I take him on. The access road is the last to be plowed out. That means he doesn’t get to run as much as he would like.

Yesterday, they plowed the access road to the trail. Guess where I took him?

Scout on Winter Trail

He ran for about an hours time, up and down the trail. One thing that certainly gives me a good belly laugh is the faces this dog makes when he is running.

Scout Running

He has this smile that shines through, with a noticeable crazy dog look.

Crazy Dog

I know I make him the happiest dog in the world when I take him out with me.

All Smiles

Wouldn’t you agree, that he does have the “crazy eyes” dog look to him?

In the end. Greg knew best. He didn’t buy himself a dog. He bought me another one! I’ll just let him think it is his dog 😉

Scout Sharing My Seat

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What equipment did I use to capture this photo?
Canon 6D Full Frame Camera and the Canon Version Tamron 24-70 mm 2.8 Lens


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